Mary Kom 7th Day Collection- 1 Week Total Business Report

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Mary Kom 1st Week Total Business Report

With good promotion and buzz in the media, the latest biopic based on the life of Indian boxer Mary Kom has finally completed its first week on box office. Yes we are talking about Priyanka Chopra starrer Mary Kom movie which was released last week on the occasion of Teacher’s Day i.e. on 5th September 2014. The film was expected to receive high audience response and report good income because of its impressive star lead and story of course. Presented by such good film makers Mary Kom made a decent opening day performance on it first day of release. It has been full one week to the film released by now and in total 1 week journey it has done a pretty well job. The film was not made with nay high cost but due to its powerful story and high expectations it made the audience expect higher out of it. Total 7 days performance of Mary Kom can be said as decent enough looking at the statistics.

Though there was not exactly any big competition for this film on box office but still it has to suffer many obstacles in order to make its position. Firstly being a biopic the film took risk because of picking up someone’s whole life among the audience. Secondly lack of masala element in the film was also one of the factors as audience nowadays has a taste for such films. Finally only Priyanka Chopra being the lead of the film, it is quite difficult to hold a whole film on single support. But crossing all these hindrances Mary Kom managed to make a good 1 week business which stands at 46 Crores including its 7th Day Income of around  3.35 Crores.