Midsummer Midnight Mumbai 5th Day Collection Report

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5th Day Box Office Report of M3 Midsummer Midnight Mumbai

Besides two good movies Bollywood flick The Xpose and Hollywood mega release Godzilla 2014 there is one more Hindi movie that released yesterday on 16th May 2014 named M3: Midsummer Midnight Mumbai. After the low earning of most of the films last week, this week of Bollywood is going to have something much interesting and valuable. Among the two Bollywood movies that released yesterday on box office, M3 Midsummer Midnight Mumbai is one movie with newer and debut star cast. The film is based on a total romance, thriller and suspense genre along with some adult level scenes. The film did not gained audience attention and came up like a disappointment.

Tuesday Collection Report of  M3 Midsummer Midnight Mumbai

Before the release there were low public excitement and after the release the first day showed all the poor results related to it. Being a small budget and less publicized movie, it did very poor start yesterday and today also the film could not trench its account with any good figure. On their 5th day of release, movie M3 has done a poor job in entertaining the audience and their total 5th day box office collection is 45 Lacs. After getting view of many back points about these films, it is very easy for the audience to make a clear picture in their mind about the sixth day performance of the film also to be dull.