One month total collection of ‘PK’- Got Success in Controversies

[Total: 5 Average: 2.6]

PK 30th Day at Box Office

Experiencing a storming 2 weeks journey in the starting, Aamir Khan starrer film PK faced a fall back in its performance in the later weeks. The film is now running in its fifth consecutive week on box office and has crossed highest ever figures. The film made a memorable performance in its total journey till now and has many accolades in its name. It was doing great until there was no competition to it by the popular and other awaited movies that got released later in the third and fourth week.

Now when the new films have released from different industries like Alone & MSG from Bollywood and I from Kollywood; it has became almost packing time for PK to sustain any business on box office. This week has been weakest among the whole one month and as were today’s collections of film.

PK 30 Days Total Collection

Now the film has lost all of its occupancy to other films and today it did very low business and marked one of the lowest collection in total one month journey at box office with figures of 0.88 Crore making total 1 month income of around 335.26 Crores. But seeing the film overall in one month then the movie got amazing public response and huge earnings. Critics too have praised the concept and Aamir is glistening in this role as well.

Story, screenplay too is fantastic. Though Anushka does not have much of a major part to play in the movie; however, she slides in every suspense and song. It is may be the final week for PK as the collections today show a negative way for the film for entering in the next week.

Box OfficeCollection (IND)
Day 126.63 Cr
Day 230.34 Cr
Day 338.44 Cr
Day 421.22 Cr
Day 519.36 Cr
Day 619.55 Cr
Day 727.55 Cr
Day 814.48 Cr
Day 917.16 Cr
Day 1021.85 Cr
Day 1110.08 Cr
Day 129.11 Cr
Day 139.05 Cr
Day 1414.05 Cr
Day 156.85 Cr
Day 168.32 Cr
Day 1711.58 Cr
Day 184.42 Cr
Day 194.02 Cr
Day 203.46 Cr
Day 212.96 Cr
Day 221.82 Cr
Day 232.82 Cr
Day 244.01 Cr
Day 251.41 Cr
Day 261.24 Cr
Day 271.10 Cr
Day 280.93 Cr
Day 290.57 Cr
Day 300.88 Cr
Day 311.27 Cr
Day 32 - Lifetime4.27 Cr
Total340.80 Cr