Phillauri Economics: Total Budget, Box Office & Rights Earning (Worldwide)

[Total: 8 Average: 2.6]

Total Profit of Anushka-Diljit’s Phillauri

After a decent opening week, Anushka Sharma, Diljit Dosanjh, Suraj Sharma and Mehreen Pirzada starrer Phillauri remained lower in the second week but managed to perform steadily throughout. Despite moderate budget, it was one among anticipated movies of the year and released with considerable buzz.

Total Profit of Phillauri

Anshai Lal’s directorial Phillauri made on a budget of 21 crores, including 13 crores of production cost and 8 crores of Prints & Advertising. In return of this, makers Fox Star Studios and Anushka Sharma – Karnesh Sharma bagged 12 crores (A) from the sale of it’s satellite, music, digital and ancillary rights.

More addition to the recovery, in 2 weeks of release Phillauri raked the business of 26.68 crores on domestic box office (including 22.68 crores of week 1 & 4 crores of week 2) and generated the revenue share of 12 crores (B) for distributor. While from overseas market, the movie has done the business of around 12.50 crores that includes distributor’s share of 5 crores (C).

This means, the total recovery Phillauri has done so far is 29.34 crores and the profit it has gained is of 8 crores i.e. 39.09% as compare to total investment. Still the movie is running in theaters, so the profitable amount is expected to increase further.

Economics of Badrinath Ki Dulhania

Cost of Production (CoP): ₹13 crores
Prints & Advertising (P&A): ₹8 crores
Landing Cost (Budget): ₹21 crores

Satellite Music, Digital and Ancillary Rights: ₹12 crores (A)
All India Theatrical Revenue: ₹26.68 crores (in 2 weeks)
– Distributor’s Share: ₹12 crores (B)
Overseas Theatrical Revenue: ₹12.50 crores (in 2 weeks)
– Distributor’s Share: ₹5 crores (C)

Total Recovery: ₹29 crores (A+B+C)
Profit: ₹8 crores / 39.09% (Total Recovery – Budget)


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