Pizza 3D & Amit Sahni Ki List 2nd Day Collection- Saturday Report

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Amit Sahni Ki List & Pizza 3D Second Day Response

This Friday two different genre movies has released with many similarities apart from the much controversial Hate Story 2 and the super star Rajesh Khanna oldie Riyasat namely Amit Sahni Ki List and other one Pizza 3D.  Among these two taking the first one first then Amit Sahni Ki List is the latest romantic cum comedy movie that entered the box office race yesterday. The film features bit popular Vir Das in the main lead role in a funny and humor filled love story seeking girl of his dreams. The other one Pizza 3D being a sole horror movie is based on the story of a creepy house and ghosts. Both films are totally opposite in genres but still have got many similar points between them as both are low budget movies, both Amit Sahni Ki List and Pizza 3D have not been promoted well on social media or any other big platform, none of them have support of any star powered name in it in the lead and for the max; both do not have any unique point or interesting thing in it to attract the audience towards the theatres.

Amit Sahni Ki List Saturday Collection


Amit Sahni Ki List has been produced by Tina Nagpaul, Kavita Kulkarni and Sujata Vemuri under the Pyxis Pictures banner, which is an upcoming production company. The film has not shown any kind of decent growth on its second day and remained dull on most of the theatres by collecting just 90.7 Lacs on its second day of release. Even the weekend time could not help the film in gaining public attention.

Amit Sahni Ki List First Day Collection

Pizza 3D 2nd Day Collection

pizza-3d-movie-posterPizza 3D a horror remake of 2012 Pizza (Tamil) also hit the theatres yesterday. The story of movie is about a guy Kunal, who is a Pizza delivery boy, was sent to make a delivery of Pizza at a home of a family full of Dark Secret. Shockingly the film has reported good growth and audience response in its first day of release and now on second day also it did well and earned 1.01 Cr. Pizza 3D is gaining good word of mouth in many places and is expected to give a hit on the box office and will earn a good amount on box office.

Pizza 3D First Day Collection