PK 25th Day Box Office Collection: Occupancy is now Low

[Total: 1 Average: 2]

PK 4th Monday Performance

PK Advance Booking OpenComing to total 25 days performance and business report of PK, then this Aamir Khan starrer super hit movie has collected enormous business in this total journey till now. The film has completed its 3 official weeks on box office with tremendous public response and mind blowing income.

Box office report of film shows quite simple graph to understand its performance and business in this total duration. The film raised its position to peaking high level in the first two weeks, then the third week showed quite a plain and straight performance and then the fourth week currently running has brought the graph quite down.

The reason behind PK’s success in the first 2 week was that firstly there was not any big competitor or release on big screen, secondly it is an Aamir Khan starrer film so all his fans went with craze in the early days and finally that the film was in the theatres near the time of Christmas. It gained excellent advantage from all the facts and managed to collect outstanding figures especially in the first 2 weeks of its release.

PK 25th Total Collection

Third week was not as much powerful as the early two and then and fourth week went more down due to another Bollywood biggie hitting the big screen- Tevar

, which is nowadays the latest movie released among all the flicks.

PK after facing both sides- record breaking and amenable public response in first 2 weeks & low and dull income plus audience feedback in the next two week has managed to collect 25th day income of around 1.41 Crore*.

Film is now running with low occupancy plus response due to other options as well as long period form release till date. It might run up to the completion of 1 month and then it is expected to close down from all the screens.

Box OfficeCollection (IND)
Day 126.63 Cr
Day 230.34 Cr
Day 338.44 Cr
Day 421.22 Cr
Day 519.36 Cr
Day 619.55 Cr
Day 727.55 Cr
Day 814.48 Cr
Day 917.16 Cr
Day 1021.85 Cr
Day 1110.08 Cr
Day 129.11 Cr
Day 139.05 Cr
Day 1414.05 Cr
Day 156.85 Cr
Day 168.32 Cr
Day 1711.58 Cr
Day 184.42 Cr
Day 194.02 Cr
Day 203.46 Cr
Day 212.96 Cr
Day 221.82 Cr
Day 232.82 Cr
Day 244.01 Cr
Day 251.41 Cr
Day 261.24 Cr
Day 271.10 Cr
Day 280.93 Cr
Day 290.57 Cr
Day 300.88 Cr
Day 311.27 Cr
Day 32 - Lifetime4.27 Cr
Total340.80 Cr