PK 5th Friday (Day 29) Business Report & Performance

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PK 29th Day Performance

total collection of pk movie

PK has completed its fourth week at box office yesterday with tremendous public response and mind blowing income and now is on its 29th working day. Box office report after 4 weeks shows quite simple graph to understand its performance and business in this total duration. Today film is one step near to compete its one month on box office and total response today has shown bit better than last weekdays.

Film has not shown much growth in the later weeks due to new releases as well as audience low response towards this film. But still it has somehow managed to keep up the pace on screens and survive better than most of the recently releases flicks.

PK 5th Friday Collection

Now that film is just around packing up itself from the box office, it is a significant fact that PK is still getting better response than many latest movies. Being one of the most immaculate releases of our history, film has somehow got bit income today and collected overall income of 0.57 Crore from domestic screens.

Film in so many days has won audience appreciation and critic applauds even after so much opposing attitude in between. Aamir Khan has once again successfully proved himself as one of the gems of our Bollywood film industry. Last time with Dhoom 3 and now with PK, he has both times been the lead of highest grossing movies ever of our film industry. This film based on very sensitive issue and loved by all for its real message and genuine characters.

Box OfficeCollection (IND)
Day 126.63 Cr
Day 230.34 Cr
Day 338.44 Cr
Day 421.22 Cr
Day 519.36 Cr
Day 619.55 Cr
Day 727.55 Cr
Day 814.48 Cr
Day 917.16 Cr
Day 1021.85 Cr
Day 1110.08 Cr
Day 129.11 Cr
Day 139.05 Cr
Day 1414.05 Cr
Day 156.85 Cr
Day 168.32 Cr
Day 1711.58 Cr
Day 184.42 Cr
Day 194.02 Cr
Day 203.46 Cr
Day 212.96 Cr
Day 221.82 Cr
Day 232.82 Cr
Day 244.01 Cr
Day 251.41 Cr
Day 261.24 Cr
Day 271.10 Cr
Day 280.93 Cr
Day 290.57 Cr
Day 300.88 Cr
Day 311.27 Cr
Day 32 - Lifetime4.27 Cr
Total340.80 Cr