Raja Natwarlal 4th (Fourth) Day Box Office Collection

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Raja Natwarlal 4th Day Audience Response

With the name that seems very comic and entertaining, the current Bollywood movie running in the theatres is Raja Natwarlal. The main plus point of the film is Emraan Hashmi in the lead playing his forte character filled with thriller and of course; music of the film. We all know most of the films of Emraan are blockbuster or successful so this time also all of his fans are expecting this film also be a hit. Raja Natwarlal was released last Friday and now the film has completed its first weekend journey on box office. With good first weekend figures and response from the public, Raja Natwarlal entered today in its first weekday i.e. Monday. The day being a proper working schedule of the viewers remained dull in comparison to the past days performance of the film. Anyhow the figures are still pretty good to satisfy the film makers. Raja Natwarlal has earned a good 4th day income with favorable audience reviews in its account.

Raja Natwarlal Monday Collection Report

Raja Natwarlal though is not any biggie of this year or month neither it has got any unique factor but still the film is running good due to all elements in balanced and required amount. Fourth Day Income of this romantic thriller is nearly 2.93 Crores. There are many positive points that are acting as a big favor for this film. As the trailers of the film were also released a long time before and people gave their good feedback towards them, the film earned advantage from all this. In addition to its public appreciation for the songs of the film as well as favorable critic’s reviews & their rating for the film (more than 3) have resulted in overall nice performance of this flick in domestic cinemas.