Samrat And Co. 4th Day Collection- Fourth Day (Monday) Box Office Report

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First Monday Performance of Samrat & Co

Samrat & Co. is among the three latest releases that hit the box office last Friday altogether. The film has been neglected by most of the audience all over the places. We have come to know too bad reviews regarding Samrat & Co. after watching the movie. Samrat & Co is a poor man’s version of Sherlock, and Robert Downey Jr’s eponymous films. The film comes across as a very amateur attempt at a thriller. You just wish the silly film had ended at the interval point before continuing with its silliness. Even the production values are outright shoddy. After seeing this film you miss the Rajeev Khandelwal who debuted in the brilliantly made Aamir (2008) and Table No. 21. Some even says that it’s better to watch the thriller shows no television rather than going in the theaters and spending money for the tickets of this movie. The music is utterly forgettable and the placement of songs is forced. Madalsa Sharma in the female lead is underwhelming in her acting. There’s nothing brilliant about this Rajshri Production, what you have is Rajeev Khandelwal as detective Samrat Tilakdhari, or STD.

Samrat & Co. 4ht Day Box Office Collection

With so much bad reviews and low public response, the film has done a very average performance in the first weekend. And when it couldn’t make it up in the weekend then how can we expect it to rake any bigger amount on any business day especially after such a negative review of audience. The film Samrat & Co. has managed to collect box office collection of around 0.60 Crore on its 4th day of release. Earlier it was expected that film will do little better on its third day because of Sunday holiday but on the last day of its weekend film manages to put a small total and emerged as another washout of this year 2014.