Samrat And Co. Movie Critics Review- Expected Box Office Collection

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Samrat & Co: Critics Review

Surely this is the first detective movie by Rajiv Khandelwal, but it will leave you wondering “What went wrong with Sherlock Holmes that I came here to watch this”. In the attempt of being another Holmes mimic, this movie will rupture all your hopes regarding a detective thriller. The plot is simple- A beautiful rich girl Dimpy Singh (Madalsa Sharma) approaches detective Samrat (Rajiv Khandelwal) with a strange case. He is a private investigator and the whole plot revolves around him unfolding the mysteries.

This, I swear is nowhere near to any detective plot. It is missing many (almost all) of the essential ingredients of a detective thriller leaving the audience in frenzy to figure out themselves what is going on.

Firstly the film has nothing intriguing so as to suspect who is the criminal. All the characters to be suspected, come for not more than 30 seconds on the screen and disappear to never come back again. Thus leaving you with an iota of no doubt regarding who is the murderer. Secondly, detectives don’t speak much but think aloud in their minds. This is definitely not the case here. And lastly, the mood turner angle of the film, where a romantic scene has to be added upon. Seriously, nothing can give you more shakes in head than this. Before interval the movie sets you high with numerous doubts in your mind, with the hope that they will be cleared after interval. This is again not the case. 

Samrat And Co Expected Collection

Waste of such a good talent in Rajiv Khandelwal this film can manage upto 2 Crores on first day. Directed by Kaushik Ghatak and produced by kavita Barjatya this film could have bagged applaudes easily under the Rajshri banner if this simple concept could have been applied well.

Lifetime collection for this movie can be around 7 Crores. Not much from this movie is expected. Releasing alongwith are Kaanchi and Revolver Rani, two big banner films. This again could slow down the business for Samrat & Co.