Second Friday (8th Day) Collection Report of Arjun Kapoor’s Tevar

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Tevar 8th Day Box Office Response

tevar total collectionAfter a decent first week, today it’s time for Tevar to face a little set back in its performance and trade. Eighth day opened up with low occupancy of around 20% including the morning shows. It has taken a slow start today with lesser audience and public rush in the theaters and cinema halls. Film had the good collection at the box office by the 1st weekend but had failed to break the any previous record still has done well by having the overall nice first week ending.

As this film was released world widely on a large note with 3000 screens including so the exposure helped it in gaining much higher response from the viewers from all over the places. Tevar had been promoted greatly over the box office via online and other media as well. The people have also loved the trailer and also liked its music greatly. But overall given mixed reviews after watching it resulting in dull performance now.

Tevar 2nd Friday Collection Report

Now today being the second Friday for the film, it has managed to collect an average amount of 1.80 Crores*. Movie is performing ordinarily over the box office since the release and even after no other big film in race it is just getting below average response from viewers.

Film is still to do much over the box office in the upcoming days if it sustains this weekend well enough. On one side it has disappointed many viewers but on other it is not a flop.

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