Singham Returns Opening Day Response: Get Massive Start on Day 1

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Singham Returns Movie First Day Response at Box Office

Talking about the public response for the attest Bollywood release Singham Returns that hit the cinemas today then we come to know that audience has already been waiting for this film with great attention and excitement. First look Trailer of the movie was released few days ago before release of movie and it got approximately 5 millions views on official YouTube channel. It means trailer of movie already become super hit and now Singham Returns also rocking on box office with huge collection. The film made a super entry on box office today with fantastic first day income and favorable audience response.

Singham Returns First Day Response, Singham Returns First Day Reviews

Due to a holiday of Independence Day, the occupancy in the theatres and halls were higher and more people went to watch the film. Viewers were so excited for the film that they already booked their first day tickets in advance. Audience response towards the film on its first day of release has been mind bowing and the film maintained the expectations of the public finally.

Singham Returns was highly supported by the public before its release and now when the film finally hit the big screen, it received such a favorable and positive attitude of the audience. There were great rush and queues of people in the ticket lines and everyone showed a positive interest for the film.

Not only this, the film received outstanding reviews from the people who came out of the cinema halls after watching it. They just loved the action dose in the movie and the powerful image of Mumbai police as described in the film. Ajay Devgan has been mostly appreciated in the movie and other star cast has also done well enough to their characters.

Well first day response and reviews of public for Singham Returns have been good now let’s see does the film continue same response tomorrow also or not.