Sunday Expected Business of Action Jackson: 3rd Day Collection

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Action Jackson 3rd Day Prediction

Latest venture of Prabhu Deva titled Action Jackson has entered its main weekend day today with good audience response throughout the country and overseas. Film has been released on a very wide number of screens all over the country and even in overseas. It is a big budget Bollywood movie with a very talented and popular star cast comprising in main lead- Ajay Devgn and Sonakshi Sinha. All the actors have performed extremely well in this film. Film is set forward to run successfully all over in the country and in international cinemas.

It is also being predicted to raise box office collections near Singham Returns. Till now, the critics and reviewers have estimated that Action Jackson will surely make good box office collections and compete with earlier releases of year. Audience is expecting much out of this movie, so Action Jackson must be really well to stand up the expected mark of the audience on its third day.

Action Jackson Weekend Expected Collection

The film as per the expectations and early predictions seems to be doing higher business on Sunday due to different favorable factors. Third day box office collection of film is a bundle of suspense for the audience as they are very anxious to know whether the film will gain highest or lower than first two days. Critics and reviewers have opined that Sunday will bring high figures in its account due to weekend atmosphere and no other better option to watch.

Film makers along with the casts and crew of the movie are very excited towards the audience reaction and response for this movie on Sunday. A simple word of mouth may play a huge role for this movie in the starting days. According to the early predictions and some reports, third day box office collection prediction is around 11.5 Crores*. On the whole, Action Jackson will do reputed business but after seeing mixed response of audience as well as critics towards the movie, it is not looking possible for AJ to even stand near Singham Returns.