Tevar 12th Day Total Box Office Collection

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Tevar 12th Day Performance

Tevar total collection

Supported with awesome public response and performance in the pre release period, now after the official release, film has performed just decently and not fabulous. Starring the popular faces of Arjun and Sonakshi together first time the film has done a normal job in entertaining the audience. The film so far has enticed many viewers from tip to toe and they seem to be lured with the content of the movie, which is why the so far business of the film is fine.

Even in its second week, it is making good business and receiving positive approach from the viewers in the theaters and multiplexes. The film is expected to bring more nice business in coming days but we need to wait to see whether it manages to continue its business and enter in the third week too or it sets back and gets off from the big screen after 2 weeks.

We can easily judge the performance of this hit movie by peeping out on the 2nd weekend box office collections which were recorded at good figures yesterday. Considering that it is now second Tuesday for the film, still it is capable of making superior box office collections. Twelfth day business of Tevar is around 0.75 Crore* showing the present public response towards the film. The movie is an interesting one to watch and people are finding it to get really allured with.

It has done very good business so far and 2nd week box office collections as per the predictions so far is positive and the total business done too are the proofs of the same that it deserves applauds for its entertainment quotient. However it is now facing much tough competition by latest flicks like Alone etc and next week with Baby it might lose great.