The Xpose, Godzilla & Ranjha Romeo 1 Week Total Collection- 7th Day Report

[Total: 2 Average: 3]

First Week Box Office Performance of Godzilla, The Xpose & Romeo Ranjha

Himesh Reshammiya’s The Xpose and Godzilla had a good Wednesday at the box office. The collections of both the films showed decent drop on Wednesday. Here is the detailed report. Beside this the Punjabi latest venture Romeo Ranjha also stood well at big screen in its whole journey till now. All these three flicks released altogether last week with good word of mouth and their total box office collections in their first week show good results. The big issues with the film The Xpose were its low collections in the weekend and in spite of low drop the overall impact will not be that much. Though the movie is already in profits even before releases but the theatrical business is strictly average as of now. In city belts it is facing strong competition from Godzilla. The Hollywood biggie Godzilla on the other hand had been released on huge scale and saw a big drop of Sunday. Few weeks back The Amazing Spiderman 2 too had faced the same issue when it dropped heavily on Monday. The movie is very good in cities and metros and the prime business is coming from there. Romeo Ranjha faced good public response right form its start and even now it is running good in Punjab.

The Xpose, Godzilla & Romeo Ranjha Thursday Business Report

The Xpose is running behind Godzilla which is amassing the huge figures every day. Seventh Day box office collection of Godzilla is 3.8 Crores and that of The Xpose is 2.3 Crores, how so ever Romeo Ranjha could make only a business of 48 Lacs on its 7th day of release. Talking about the box office collections of these three movies in their whole first week, so today is their 7th day and these flicks have come to the end of one week journey. If we talk collection wise then Godzilla is the real business taker and the runner up is The Xpose. Romeo Ranjha is a good entertainer and could have collected more but due to limited response in only Punjabi areas, the film could not make much in comparison to other two.