Third Day Collection of Dirty Politics, Badmashiyaan & Hey Bro

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Badmashiyaan, Hey Bro & Dirty Politics 3rd Day Response

Reviewed by critics averagely and not supported by audience excitedly, latest medium and low budget flicks Badmashiyaan, Hey Bro & Dirty Politics are not running well on screens. After the quite similar performance of last week flicks, these films have somehow coped up to maintain a decent amount in their account today on behalf of Sunday.

Dirty Politics though did good opening on big screen, but on the main weekend day it received good response from the audience. Occupancy of the audience also increased considerably due to Sunday being a total off day for the working category public. Sunday could be seen as a total entertainer for audience with friends and families. But overall none among them has shown any impressive report today and Hey Bro plus Badmashiyaan both have again been behind Dirty Politics.

By the end of Sunday, Dirty Politics covered decent amount in its side and total third day collection is recorded as 1.46 crore making the first weekend income of 3.94 crores and that of Hey Bro is around 22 lacs* with total 1st weekend earning being approximately 60 lacs*. At last Badmashiyaan done better today and closed at 12 lacs* aggregating 1st weekend collection about 32 lacs*.

Audience could not be seen crazy about any of the films but still Sunday brought some response for them. Last week released flicks along with the current ones all are just average runners on totality with one or two better options among them. None of the flicks can be expected to do excellent business but yes, few can come up as decent enough.