Avengers 3rd Installment Infinity War Releases on 4 May 2018, First Trailer Out

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Immensely awaited third installment of Marvel Studios’ most popular action adventure superhero franchise Avengers has finally got its release date. The movie titled Avengers Infinity War is set to hit theaters next year on 4 May 2018 (now 27 April 2018). Anthony and Joe Russo’s this upcoming directorial venture is loudly buzzing among fans since it was announced.

Avengers Infinity War Trailer Out

Along with the announcement of movie’s release date, makers have also released the teaser poster and the first official trailer of Avengers Infinity War. Undoubtedly it is the most awaited trailer of the year for which fans were waiting from long and we must say it’s completely worth the hype.

The trailer video with 2:24 minutes duration, shows major highlights and also gives a clear brief about the plot of the movie, where all the superheroes of Marvel universe get united to fight against the antagonist Thanos, who wants to own all the Infinity Stones.

Alongside the entire Avengers’ team that includes Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, Panther and more including the new one Spider Man in a modified suit, Avengers Infinity War also features Doctor Strange, Thor’s brother Loki and the members of Guardians of the Galaxy.

With all the superheroes, this one definitely looks the strongest movie of Marvel Studios so far. Also with it’s mind blowing trailer, Avengers Infinity War has boosted the excitement of fans to next level. Now it become very difficult for them to wait till 4 May 2018, when the movie will release itself.


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