Gabbar Is Back Dialogues Reminds the Sholay’s Gabbar

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‘Kadak Bhadak’ Dialogues from Gabbar Is Back


Yesterday on 23 March 2015, the best trailer of the year 2015 has been released out. Yes we are talking about the official trailer of Akshay Kumar starrer Gabbar Is Back. The trailer got wonderful response from viewers before and after the release. From last one week Gabbar Is Back was in trend after the release of its posters & teasers.

The excitement of fans raised up more higher after the announcement that the trailer is releasing on 23 March 2015. And as expected trailer got wonderful positive reviews and comments from viewers as well as critics. The trailer is loaded with superb action sequences for which Akshay is already very popular and heavy dialogues much similar to 1975’s Sholay. As the movie is on the concept against corruption, so the dialogues are manipulated in that way.

Na yeh sarkari hai
Na gair kanooni
Na yeh neta hai
Na koi terrorist
Kaam se Hero
Naam se Villain
Yeh hai Gabbar!

50-50 kosh door
Jab koi rishwat leta hai
Toh log kehte hain mat le
Warna Gabbar aa jayega

Rishwat li toh Gabbar maar dega
Nahi li toh main maar dunga

Ab Gabbar ka PWD chalega
Power waala danda

Iss baar haath nahi
Saath chahiye

Aap mein se Gabbar kon hai
Main hun Gabbar
Kon hai Gabbar
Main hun Gabbar

Sabke karam saamne aayenge
Woh kya hai na…karma rishwat nahi leta

Ab tera kya hoga kaaliya?

Gabbar ke taap se tumhe ek hi aadmi bacha sakta hai
Ek hi aadmi…khud Gabbar

Kitne aadmi the?