Get Ready for Fast & Furious 7 this Week: Releasing on 2nd April

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Fast & Furious 7 Releasing this Thursday

fast and furious 7 2 april

Get ready to mesmerized and thrilled with upcoming Hollywood biggie Fast & Furious 7. People out there in overseas countries are hugely waiting for this film to hit the screens from so many months and not only there but in India also fans are super crazy for it getting released here this Thursday. The film is set to be released on 2 April 2015 i.e. this coming Thursday and hence the craze is set all over the countries as its previous installments have been all blockbusters.

The total budget of Fast & Furious 7 is highest by now in its all sequels and highest action dosage as could be seen in trailers. Film has already got so much tremendous response on YouTube & social media before its release that has created huge hypes in its favor everywhere. It is sequel of the last installment and continues from the same point where the last one ended.

We will experience the charisma of the fast & furious team again with much higher action & suspense this time. Now in Fast & Furious 7 we will see the Dominic Toretto & his crew going after the killer of their team mate in Tokyo who is brother of Shaw. Trailers were super hit everywhere and in India the craze is on the top these days. Audience seems very excited and anxiously waiting for this new movie releasing this week.

This favorable reaction of the public before the release of movie on internet and YouTube shows that the movie will get success on box office too. There is a maximum chance that we will see a high collection of Hollywood movie in India again. Viewers have already tweeted a lot about this upcoming movie. Public seems to be expecting a good script and entertainment dose from newest sequel.