Hollywood Star Vin Diesel Instagrammed the Poster of ‘Fast & Furious 8’

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Fast & Furious 8, expected to be Released on 14 April 2017

We all know that recently we heard about the upcoming 8th installment of the super blockbuster movie ‘Fast & Furious’. The actor Vin Diesel has succeeded in teasing his fans and audience by sharing the unofficial poster of the latest installment – Fast & Furious 8. The worldwide famous actor who has turned 48 years by now shared the poster of his upcoming movie on Instagram.

fast and furious 8 poster

Well, the poster is very interesting and includes a bird eye view of the New York City and featuring the skyscrapers and popular Empire State Building of the city. The title of the movie named as Fast & Furious 8 is supported by the subtitle written in the poster – New Roads Ahead. We can expect this instalment to be more of thrill and action than ever before and more exciting to watch.

Audience is already waiting for first official trailer of the movie which is already so buzzed to get hit on YouTube as soon as it comes.  But for now, the news that Hollywood star Vin Diesel instagrammed the poster of Fast & Furious 8 is creating enough hypes. Vin Diesel would be playing the main character in this latest sequel with other popular cast like Dwayne Johnson known as The Rock, Johnson, Ludacris and Tyrese Gibson in other main roles.

Another interesting fact about the movie is that with this new sequel, Jason Statham and Kurt Russell are expected to return. F Gary Gray will helm this wonderful movie, expected to rock the screens on April 14′ 2017. So, for now the poster is creating buzz and soon we would be seeing the star cast also in other posters.