Alone Movie Review: Priyamani’s Charu Latha is far better from it

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Bipasha Basu’s Alone Review

Cast: Bipasha Basu, Karan Singh Grover and Bipasha Basu the Bhoot
Directed by: Bhushan Patel
Review by: Vaalee Supreet
Ratings:  ★

Before starting the Review, I have few questions; How many of you have Not watched the original Thai film Alone? Seriously? Even after it’s available for free on downloads? How many of you have Not watched Kannada Horror Charu Latha? Even after having repeated runs on Zee Cinema for so many times? C’Mon! The Kannada film fetched so many awards to the actress Priyamani for her wonderful portrayal in her both roles!

My last question: Haven’t the Producers (Who funded the film) and the Director (Who showed promises in 1920 Evil Returns and Ragini MMS 2) seen the earlier versions properly?

Sanjana and Anjana (Bipasha Basu) are conjoined twins who are happy with their medical condition. In fact, they make a promise to each other that they would always stay together no matter what. I am sure at one point of time you will start confusing yourself by identifying the Sanjana and the Anjana!

However, things change when Kabir (Karan Singh Grover) enters their lives. While Kabir and Sanjana fall for each other, Anjana too likes Kabir. The best part is Kabir is never confused between both! But because of Kabir, the two sisters start to grow apart and ultimately decide to separate from each other through a surgery. However, only Sanjana makes it and her sister dies. Years later, when Sanjana comes back to her home along with hubby Kabir, spooky things happen (Which you have witnessed in the Trailer for sure) and Sanjana slowly starts to feel her dead sister’s presence.

Speaking of the performances, Bipasha Basu as we all know the Bong beauty is one of the prettiest looking lady and it goes without saying that she looks sexy in this one too. But the acting part? She goes overboard this time! Karan Singh Grover is decent. Especially in the Hot Romantic scenes (Which are very few).

Bhushan Patel the director showed promise in his earlier two films but this time it went over the head. Trust me, There’s is not a single spooky moment in Alone which does not remind you of any Horror Film which you have seen before. Music of the film is just okay but really not required with the film’s screenplay. The Camera work and Production Values were good but does not help in saving the film.

Kindly avoid Alone even if you are a Horror fan! Soon the film will be available for Free.