Critics Expectations with PIKU & Movie Pre Release Buzz

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Piku Critics Pre- Release Review

After mind blowing performance in her previous film Happy New Year, Bollywood beauty Deepika Padukone is once again all set to win the hearts of audience through her performance in her upcoming film Piku along with the megastar Amitabh Bachchan. This time they will be seen in all new chemistry of a father daughter relation. Audience has been waiting for this film with interest and excitement hence critics review for the film is essential for it. According to the expectations of critics from film, Piku is a very subtle family drama along with good dose of comedy & bit of romance in it. All of this has supported it with humor and comedy all along.

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This makes the film quite a watchable material for the viewers. In addition to it, the dramatization of the film in pure style and the different appearance of the whole story and characters are also quite appealing. Star cast have done good justice to their characters as per the experts. They have given the film nice rating for its all factors and hoping well out of it on release day.

Also there is plus point for Piku i.e. the entire star leads is audience favorite & all set to amaze us with their sweet and simple performance. As the Deepika-Amitabh new father daughter chemistry has already brought them and the film also good promotion and publicity, now the film has got nice buzz in the media too hence not only the buzz but the critics  expectations are also good enough.

Critics have also given applauds to the director who has brought forward some unconventional and unique concepts.  What is most interesting about the film is that it is completely new from what we have seen this year. The positive buzz in the media and decent expectations of critic from Piku might make it come up as good release.