Ek Villain Movie Review & Public Comments after watching

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Ek Villain Movie Review

Everyone this year was waiting extremely excitedly for the much hyped and buzzed romantic cum thriller action movie Ek Villain. The movie features Sidharth Malhotra, Shraddha Kapoor and Riteish Deshmukh in the main lead roles. Ek Villain was so much promoted and publicized in its pre release period that every viewer was looking forward for its release. It was being aid that the movie has got a unique concept of only villains no heroes, beyond mind love story and great actions by the villains is always expected. But the resultant performance of the movie shows something different form the pre release reviews of audience, critics and predictions of box office. Film is doing good business at the big screen but the main fact is that it has ruined all the expectations of audience who were thinking it to be the top grosser of this year. Also one drawback we come to know from viewers about the story is that it is not a proper love story. The synchronization lacks in the love concept. Overall viewers found the film loaded with complicated sequence editing.

Ek Villain after release Analysis

Looking at the star cast and their performance, then Shraddha Kapoor did full justice to her character Aisha. She looked pretty and charming as she is, though her part was shorter and should have been stretched by the film makers. Riteish Deshmukh look fantastic in his first time negative avatar but the frustrating thing was that even when he was doing serial murders, police force didn’t showed up any concern about it. Coming to Sidharth Malhotra acting, then audience was expecting a lot from him as he was playing a lead negative role in the movie being the hero but the film didnt showed any high class action sequence form him considering his cruel and rude villain image in the film. In addition to it, KRK was most irritating factor in the film as per some viewer’s reviews.

Concluding the movie in a short sentence, then Ek Villain is doing decent business but let down the audience and critics expectations seriously as audience is not as happy as they were expecting out of it before.  Advance bookings and huge hypes before release are helping it in receiving fair figures in its account. But form now very on word of mouth is going to have a serious affect on the performance of the Ek Villain.

Friday Collection- 16.72 Cr
Saturday Collection- 16.54 Cr
Sunday Collection- 17.44 Cr
Monday Collection- 8.5 Cr
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