Hate Story 2 Critics Review & Public Expectations- Releasing on 18 July

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Hate Story 2 Critics Reviews & Comments

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Hate Story 2 which is an upcoming Bollywood film is a sequel to an erotic thriller that created ripples in the Hindi cinema few years back. This time the film makers have returned with much big dose of the same genre and suspense along with new theme and new star cast. This film brings forth another such story which is a Hate Story and there are much hype regarding this movie going on nowadays due to its controversial script and story line and its sensitive & intimate dramatization. This newer installment has been directed by Vishal Pandya and produced by Vikram Bhatt. Hate Story 2 is going to release next Friday on 18th July. Film features two known faces as the main leads starring the TV actor and host Jay Bhanushali and the host, actress cum model Suvreen Chawla. Critics have reviewed the film and they found it quite an adult material that is why it has been certified as an adult certificate film. Many scenes have been censored by the board and after cutting those scenes form the film, they have permitted it to get finally release.


Hate Story 2 Audience Expectations

After very sweet and normal roles in her previous movies in Punjabi cinema she will be seen by doing lots of bold and kissing scenes in the movie so her fans may be on one side disappointed by seeing her in such a bold avatar or on other side may love it. Though both the stars have good public image though their television career but this new hot chemistry cum spicy movie can be taken either way by the public. Right now the public reviews and comments on the social sites show positive response and fascination of audience towards Hate Story 2. Rest depends on Friday; when this film will finally unveil itself and public will know whether their expectations from the movie have been fulfilled or not.

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