Movie Review: Phillauri is a Refreshing & Soulful Love Story, Deserves Your Time (3/5 Stars)

[Total: 5 Average: 3.8]

Review of Phillauri (2017)

Genre- Romantic & Comedy
Certificate- U/A
Director- Anshai Lal
Star Cast- Anushka Sharma, Diljit Dosanjh, Suraj Sharma & Mehreen Kaur Pirzada

Phillauri Review & Rating by Shashank Rayal

Once again the prince of Punjab Diljit Dosanjh acquires a place in the heart of audience with his sincere & pure performance in Phillauri. With the leading lady Anushka Sharma, he showed a beautiful chemistry which makes this romantic comedy, a delightful treat and soulful music adds good flavor into it.

Revolves around a crazy wedding, Phillauri starts with a pre-wedding ritual of marrying with tree to get rid of bad luck, which turns out in a big trouble for Kanan (Suraj Sharma). Unknowingly he gets married with a ghost Shashi (Anushka Sharma), who lives on that tree from years.

Then with time, complete story of Shashi’s past life gets revealed which includes her romance with Phillauri (Diljit Dosanjh) who was a singer at the time of India’s independence war. One more important character is there, which is of Anu (Mehreen Kaur Pirzada), would be bride of Kanan.

Talking about acting, then in this section Phillauri stands one level up than it’s music. All the actors have given marvelous performances, which is like a soul to the film. Diljit and Anushka are outstanding as always and hold eye-balls till the end. Suraj Sharma, best known for Life of Pi, has performed his character superbly well. Mehreen has small appearance on screen but leaves good impact.

Director Anshai Lal has also done his work sincerely and presented the whole story decently. Almost at all the technical aspects, Phillauri holds a satisfied note. The only thing which pulls it back, is it’s screenplay which is not bad actually but could be better. Overall it is a refreshing and soulful love story which surely deserves your time once.

‘Phillauri’ Final Verdict

Story- Good
Direction- Good
Screenplay- OK
Cinematography- Good
Editing- Good
Dialogues- Good
Acting- Excellent
Music- Good
Overall- Good (3/5 Stars)

Phillauri Review by Shashank Rayal


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