Total Siyapaa Movie Public Response & Craze in Pakistan

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Total Siyapaa Movie Craze in Pakistan

Total Siyapaa is the upcoming comedy cum romantic movie of the Pakistani actor cum singer Ali Zafar with the Indian actress Yami Gautam who made her debut in the hit film Vicky Donor.  Ali Zafar is much known and famous film personality in Pakistan and all the audience out there in Pakistan are very excited regarding the release of this movie. Story of Total Siyapaa is based on the love story of a Pakistani guy (Ali Zafar) and a young Indian girl (Yami Gautam). Now as the script is based regarding India-Pakistan, so both the audiences of the countries are very eager to watch the spice and chemistry between the stars. As it is all depicted on a comedy and genuine note so Pakistani audience is very happy and public craze is also very high.

Pakistan Public Response before release of Total Siyapaa

Pakistani public seems too anxious for watching the indo-Pakistani chemistry in as funny and humor based story. There are many promotional events going on in Pakistan for Total Siyapaa. Ali Zafar is too familiar there and also the audience loves his voice and acting so it is very obvious that this flick will be making very commendable business in Pakistan and also positive response from the viewers. As per the expectations this romantic comedy will receive great heights in Pakistan and also in India. On YouTube also, there are numerous likes by viewers from India and Pakistan that shows that Total Siyapaa is getting good response from the audience of both the countries.

Due to issues and current situation between these two countries, it will be much entertaining to watch this flick and enjoy the mixture of romance and comedy of both the country stars and actors.

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