Kiara Advani gets candid with Neha Dhupia on #NoFilterNeha Season 5!

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In the last episode of celebrity chat show No Filter Neha Season 5, host Neha Dhupia had Kiara Advani as her guest on the show. The actress starring opposite Akshay Kumar in Laxmmi Bomb, candidly shared many things about her life.

Kiara on being a Home-bird 
Haan kabhi kabhi it feels like that ki bahot ho gaya ab nikal na hai ghar se, but I feel this time has also given me the leeway to do things that I wasn’t able to do. Let’s be honest we have to be on this particular healthy eating diet and when I was shooting last year, I barely had the time to go to the gym, so I had to be on a diet.

I have used these 4-5 months whatever it’s been and eaten everything. So, I have gone for it, the pizzas, the burgers, I have indulged with my family and I think, it’s been, It’s really been a blessing.

Kiara on being blessed with a healthy metabolism and her weird food combinations!
I am blessed with putting on and losing equally fast. So, I know, I can go back to my old weight. My dinner is still Bhindi, Kaddu and Salmon. It’s not like I do it to be fit, I genuinely like it and I genuinely enjoy it like I love home food, I love sabzis. From all the proteins, my favourite is fish, when you come to think, I think it’s a very odd mix I don’t think anybody eats bhindi which Salmon, even my Mum be like what is this meal you’re eating.

I’m gonna invite you for dinner and you must try it with me, I can guarantee you that you will not like it, it’s an acquired taste which I have acquired and I love.

Kiara on Hanger management
So, my only vice in life is this that I have this thing where if I have planned to eat at a particular time, or if I want to eat a particular thing and its very simple things if I can’t get it something else happens.

My dad always tells me, please carry a box of nuts or something because you need to keep munching on something because, it’s probably because your BP drops and you don’t know who you become but we don’t like this version and my mom is like, your true colours comes out when you haven’t eaten and she’s like a person will know your colours if you show them only when you haven’t eaten

Kiara’s worst Hanger story ever!
It’s really split personality, I have this other side, I should actually start naming her in fact. I think the worst has only been seen by my team because it always happens at lunch break on set when it’s like 1:30 say its 2 O’clock and I eat at 12 and they are doing lighting set up, I will run, even if its 10 minutes I will eat in those 10 minutes and come back. But that’s like my time I start getting hungry for lunch.

And I think my team has seen like they leave me, they don’t even come when they see her coming out, one by one they all start sneaking out of the van and when they come back, I’m back to normal. So, it’s a very strange thing. I haven’t thought of a name yet, she just comes in. This is such a fab Laxmmi Bomb promotion, maybe I should call her Laxmmi Bomb.

Kiara’s biggest phobia
I have a major bird phobia. I don’t know what it is but I have a major bird phobia. I’ll start crying. I could never do that Masakali song that Sonam Kapoor did. If anybody told me this is what I have to do in a movie, I would leave the film. I would totally leave the film.

Kiara on when she felt she shouldn’t be on this film set
I don’t think I should not name the movie, I think you would know the movie. Actually, to be very honest, I knew it from the script level, so I take full responsibility for that. I think it takes a lot of conviction to say those dialogues and I had to like cry and get into a whole intense scene and then mouth tease dialogues which was sounding like, which generation do I belong to almost. I don’t think I should name the movie.

Kiara Advani’s current status of relationship…
So, I really like the status that says, ‘I am single till I’m married’. So, I’m not married, that’s why I’m single.

Kiara Advani on her dating lifestyle…
I’m just trying to think how much I’ve dated before I was famous and compare the two. You know what, it’s only that you end up meeting people in your line of work much more than you would meet people otherwise. I mean, if I was dating or getting married to an actor, I don’t think the profession would matter so much.

Kiara’s upcoming films…
I think Laxxmi Bomb will release first, then Indoo Ki Jawani, then Shershah. They’re all three very, very different, special movies for me. Laxmmi Bomb is super super entertaining. It’s a horror-comedy. It’s my first horror-comedy. I’ve never done a horror film before and as fun and funny as it is shooting, it’s as scary when you watch it.

And then there’s Indoo Ki Jawani which I’m both nervous and excited because as the title suggests it’s ‘Indoo Ki Jawani‘ and there’s a lot of me in the film. And, then there’s Shershah which on a Kargil War hero. I think it’s a beautiful story. I’m really really excited for people to see it.

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