Bollywood Box Office Collection Report (Hindi Films)

Here you can check the Indian box office collection record of Hindi movies from November 2013 onwards. It includes the opening day, first weekend, first week, and lifetime collection of Hindi movies. We only include movies that have at least 10% hype among the audience, the list is made based on search queries we receive from our visitors.

The business figures are compiled from various sources and our research. We do not claim them 100% accurate. But we always keep our records updated with time. If in case you find any mistake, please feel free to interact with us via email – with a proper subject line.

The data is given yearly in reverse chronological order. You can also type the name of the movie in the search field and its collection report will appear in an instant. Some fields are empty, because of the unavailability of confirmed business figures and will be updated after the official confirmation.


MovieRelease DateDay 1Weekend 1Week 1Lifetime
Kill05 July 2024₹1.35 Cr₹6.25 Cr-₹7.55 Cr
Kalki 2898 AD27 June 2024₹22.50 Cr₹112.15 Cr₹163.25 Cr₹219.25 Cr*
Ishq Vishk Rebound21 June 2024₹1 Cr₹3.40 Cr₹4.49 Cr₹4.49 Cr
Chandu Champion14 June 2024₹5.40 Cr₹24.11 Cr₹34.25 Cr₹60.35 Cr*
Inside Out 214 June 2024₹1.14 Cr₹5.77 Cr₹9.31 Cr₹22.01 Cr
Bad Boys: Ride or Die07 June 2024₹0.39 Cr₹5.17 Cr₹6.86 Cr₹6.86 Cr
Munjya31 May 2024₹4.21 Cr₹20.04 Cr₹36.50 Cr₹104.31 Cr*
Mr. & Mrs. Mahi07 June 2024₹6.85 Cr₹17.12 Cr₹24.89 Cr₹35.81 Cr
Savi31 May 2024₹2.04 Cr₹5.56 Cr₹7.46 Cr₹7.97 Cr
Bhaiyya Ji24 May 2024₹1.35 Cr₹4.95 Cr₹8.03 Cr₹9.40 Cr
Srikanth10 May 2024₹2.41 Cr₹11.95 Cr₹18.04 Cr₹50.05 Cr
Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes10 May 2024₹3.25 Cr₹11.75 Cr₹18.75 Cr₹27 Cr
Ruslaan26 April 2024₹0.79 Cr₹2.83 Cr₹4.05 Cr₹4.50 Cr
Do Aur Do Pyaar19 April 2024₹0.60 Cr₹2.30 Cr₹3.15 Cr₹4.63 Cr
Love Sex Aur Dhokha 219 April 2024₹0.15 Cr₹0.45 Cr₹0.50 Cr₹0.50 Cr
Bade Miyan Chote Miyan11 April 2024₹16.07 Cr₹43.06 Cr (4-day)₹51.16 Cr (8-day)₹64.11 Cr
Maidaan11 April 2024₹7.25 Cr (Incl. previews)₹22.40 Cr (4-day)₹28.30 Cr (8-day)₹52.29 Cr
Crew29 March 2024₹10.28 Cr₹32.60 Cr₹47.54 Cr₹89.92 Cr
Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire29 March 2024₹12.60 Cr₹37.60 Cr₹53.65 Cr₹106.42 Cr
Ghostbusters Frozen Empire29 March 2024--₹4 Cr₹4.45 Cr
Swatantrya Veer Savarkar22 March 2024₹1.10 Cr₹6.10 Cr₹11.37 Cr₹23.99 Cr
Madgaon Express22 March 2024₹1.63 Cr₹7.16 Cr₹13.85 Cr₹38.47 Cr
Yodha15 March 2024₹4.25 Cr₹17.51 Cr₹25.81 Cr₹32.45 Cr
Bastar: The Naxal Story15 March 2024₹0.35 Cr-₹1.25 Cr₹1.30 Cr
Kung Fu Panda 4 (English)15 March 2024₹2.18 Cr₹10.78 Cr₹15.30 Cr₹36.47 Cr
Shaitaan08 March 2024₹15.21 Cr₹55.13 Cr₹81.60 Cr₹149.49 Cr
Operation Valentine (Hindi)01 March 2024₹0.25 Cr₹1.05 Cr-₹1.05 Cr
Kaagaz 201 March 2024--₹0.08 Cr₹0.08 Cr
Laapataa Ladies01 March 2024₹1.02 Cr₹4.12 Cr₹6.03 Cr₹20.24 Cr
Dange01 March 2024--₹0.15 Cr₹0.15 Cr
Article 37023 February 2024₹6.12 Cr₹25.45 Cr₹38.82 Cr₹82.37 Cr
Crakk: Jeetegaa... Toh Jiyegaa23 February 2024₹4.11 Cr₹8.74 Cr₹12.51 Cr₹13.36 Cr
Kuch Khattaa Ho Jaay16 February 2024₹0.30 Cr₹1.20 Cr₹1.50 Cr₹1.50 Cr
Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya09 February 2024₹7.02 Cr₹29.11 Cr₹47.18 Cr₹89.77 Cr
Fighter25 January 2024₹24.60 Cr₹123.60 Cr (4-day)₹150.50 Cr (8-day)₹213.55 Cr
Main Atal Hoon19 January 2024₹1.15 Cr₹5.40 Cr₹7 Cr₹8.65 Cr
Merry Christmas (Hindi)12 January 2024₹2.30 Cr₹9.20 Cr₹13.35 Cr₹18.30 Cr
Hanu-Man (Hindi)12 January 2024₹2.15 Cr₹12.26 Cr₹22.92 Cr₹52.09 Cr
Captain Miller (Hindi)12 January 2024₹0.60 Cr₹2.20 Cr₹2.96 Cr₹3.03 Cr


MovieRelease DateDay 1Weekend 1Week 1Lifetime
Salaar: CeaseFire (Hindi)22 December 2023₹15.75 Cr₹52.50 Cr₹94.50 Cr₹153.14 Cr
Dunki21 December 2023₹29.20 Cr₹105.63 Cr (4-day)₹160.22 Cr (8-day)₹230.16 Cr
Aquaman: And The Lost Kingdom21 December 2023₹4.50 Cr₹11.19 Cr₹17.02 Cr₹25.84 Cr
Kastoori08 December 2023--₹0.05 Cr₹0.05 Cr
Joram08 December 2023--₹0.40 Cr₹0.40 Cr
Animal01 December 2023₹63.80 Cr₹201.76 Cr₹338.63 Cr₹556.36 Cr
Animal (Hindi)01 December 2023₹54.75 Cr₹176.58 Cr₹300.81 Cr₹503.11 Cr
Sam Bahadur01 December 2023₹6.25 Cr₹25.55 Cr₹38.25 Cr₹93.64 Cr
Farrey24 November 2023₹0.31 Cr₹1.51 Cr₹2.25 Cr₹2.25 Cr
Yaatris24 November 2023--₹0.03 Cr₹0.03 Cr
Starfish24 November 2023₹0.02 Cr₹0.06 Cr₹0.10 Cr₹0.10 Cr
Napoleon24 November 2023₹0.85 Cr₹3.25 Cr₹4.45 Cr₹4.45 Cr
Khichdi 217 November 2023₹1.10 Cr₹2.95 Cr₹4.05 Cr₹4.05 Cr
Tiger 312 November 2023₹44.50 Cr₹44.50 Cr (1-day)₹188.25 Cr (5-day)₹285.30 Cr
Tiger 3 (Hindi)12 November 2023₹43 Cr₹43 Cr (1-day)₹183 Cr (5-day)₹278.30 Cr
The Marvels10 November 2023₹2.50 Cr₹6.40 Cr₹12.15 Cr₹13.65 Cr
Aankh Micholi03 November 2023₹0.10 Cr-₹1.50 Cr₹1.50 Cr
UT6903 November 2023₹0.05 Cr-₹0.25 Cr₹0.25 Cr
The Lady Killer03 November 2023₹0.003 Cr-₹0.01 Cr₹0.01 Cr
Three Of Us03 November 2023--₹0.30 Cr₹0.30 Cr
Tejas27 October 2023₹1.20 Cr₹3.30 Cr₹3.98 Cr₹4.14 Cr
12th Fail27 October 2023₹1.10 Cr₹6.70 Cr₹13 Cr₹52.18 Cr*
Sajini Shinde Ki Viral Video27 October 2023₹0.06 Cr₹0.28 Cr₹0.40 Cr₹0.40 Cr
Pyaari Tarawali The True Story27 October 2023--₹0.10 Cr₹0.10 Cr
Ganapath20 October 2023₹2.20 Cr₹5.80 Cr₹8.95 Cr₹9.70 Cr
Yaariyan 220 October 2023₹0.50 Cr₹1.30 Cr₹2 Cr₹2.10 Cr
Tiger Nageswara Rao (Hindi)20 October 2023----
Leo (Hindi)19 October 2023₹3.51 Cr₹11.55 Cr (4-day)₹18.85 Cr₹30.18 Cr
Dhak Dhak13 October 2023--₹0.80 Cr₹0.80 Cr
Guthlee Ladoo13 October 2023--₹0.07 Cr₹0.07 Cr
Mission Raniganj06 October 2023₹2.80 Cr₹12.60 Cr₹18.54 Cr₹33.74 Cr
Thank You For Coming06 October 2023₹1 Cr₹3.48 Cr₹5.33 Cr₹7.33 Cr
Dono05 October 2023₹0.08 Cr₹0.42 Cr (4-day)₹0.70 Cr₹0.70 Cr
Fukrey 328 September 2023₹8.82 Cr₹43.48 Cr₹66.02 Cr₹96.65 Cr
The Vaccine War28 September 2023₹0.76 Cr₹4.06 Cr₹5.90 Cr₹6.40 Cr
Chandramukhi 2 (Hindi)28 September 2023₹0.15 Cr₹0.52 Cr₹0.64 Cr₹0.64 Cr
Skanda (Hindi)28 September 2023----
The Great Indian Family22 September 2023₹1 Cr₹3.35 Cr₹5.35 Cr₹5.65 Cr
Sukhee22 September 2023₹0.25 Cr₹0.90 Cr₹1.50 Cr₹1.65 Cr
The Purvanchal Files22 September 2023--₹0.02 Cr₹0.02 Cr
Jawan07 September 2023₹75 Cr₹286.16 Cr (4-day)₹391.33 Cr (8-day)₹643.87 Cr
Jawan (Hindi)07 September 2023₹65.50 Cr₹252.08 Cr (4-day)₹347.98 Cr (8-day)₹582.50 Cr
The Nun II07 September 2023₹2.51 Cr₹14.48 Cr (4-day)₹22.33 Cr (8-day)₹43.49 Cr
Dream Girl 225 August 2023₹10.69 Cr₹40.71 Cr₹67 Cr₹104.90 Cr
Akelli25 August 2023----
Blue Beetle18 August 2023₹1.21 Cr₹4.72 Cr₹6.22 Cr₹6.89 Cr
Ghoomer18 August 2023₹0.80 Cr₹2.80 Cr₹4.03 Cr₹4.83 Cr
Non-Stop Dhamaal18 August 2023--₹0.001 Cr₹0.001 Cr
Gadar 211 August 2023₹40.10 Cr₹134.88 Cr₹284.63 Cr₹525.45 Cr
OMG 211 August 2023₹10.26 Cr₹43.11 Cr₹85.05 Cr₹150.45 Cr
Rajini The Jailer10 August 2023₹0.35 Cr₹1.03 Cr₹2.08 Cr₹5.35 Cr
Meg 2: The Trench03 August 2023₹0.80 Cr₹12.94 Cr₹16.97 Cr₹20.45 Cr
Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani28 July 2023₹11.10 Cr₹45.90 Cr₹73.33 Cr₹153.60 Cr
Oppenheimer21 July 2023₹14.45 Cr₹48.19 Cr₹70.05 Cr₹128.46 Cr
Barbie (English)21 July 2023₹4.50 Cr₹17.25 Cr₹25.75 Cr₹45.45 Cr
Ajmer 9221 July 2023--₹1 Cr₹1 Cr
Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning - Part One12 July 2023₹12.27 Cr₹65.86 Cr (5-day)₹83.45 Cr₹119.53 Cr
72 Hoorain07 July 2023--₹1.25 Cr₹1.25 Cr
Neeyat07 July 2023--₹4.50 Cr₹5.50 Cr
Insidious: The Red Door06 July 2023₹2.10 Cr₹10.71 Cr (4-day)₹13.87₹17.68 Cr
Satya Prem Ki Katha29 June 2023₹9.25 Cr₹38.50 Cr (4-day)₹53.21 Cr₹80.51 Cr
Spy (Hindi)29 June 2023₹0.40 Cr₹1.85 Cr-₹2 Cr
Carry On Jatta 3 (Punjabi)29 June 2023₹4.52 Cr₹19.07 Cr₹26.97₹37.62 Cr
1920: Horrors Of The Heart23 June 2023₹1.48 Cr₹5.42 Cr₹8.73 Cr₹13.61 Cr
Adipurush (Hindi)16 June 2023₹37.25 Cr₹109.50 Cr₹128.70 Cr₹142.59 Cr
The Flash15 June 2023₹4.30 Cr₹17.38 Cr₹22.36 Cr₹29.42 Cr
Transformers: Rise Of The Beasts09 June 2023₹4.75 Cr₹15.65 Cr₹23.20 Cr₹28.06 Cr
Gadar: Ek Prem Katha (Re-release)09 June 2023----
Zara Hatke Zara Bachke02 June 2023₹5.49 Cr₹22.59 Cr₹37.35 Cr₹87.45 Cr
Spider-Man: Across The Spider Verse01 June 2023₹4.20 Cr₹18.84 Cr (4-day)₹25.82 Cr₹44.85 Cr
Jogira Sara Ra Ra26 May 2023₹0.30 Cr₹1.03 Cr₹1.75 Cr₹1.75 Cr
La Vaste26 May 2023₹0.01 Cr₹0.03 Cr₹0.06 Cr₹0.06 Cr
Aazam: Rise of a New Don26 May 2023--₹0.30 Cr₹0.30 Cr
8 AM Metro19 May 2023--₹0.07 Cr₹0.07 Cr
Fast X18 May 2023₹11.90 Cr₹48.10 Cr (4-day)₹78.72 Cr₹108.83 Cr
IB 7112 May 2023₹1.67 Cr₹7.36 Cr₹10.95 Cr₹23.13 Cr
The Kerala Story05 May 2023₹8.05 Cr₹35.49 Cr₹81.14 Cr₹242.20 Cr
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 305 May 2023₹7.50 Cr₹26.25 Cr₹34 Cr₹59.95 Cr
Afwaah05 May 2023--₹0.30 Cr₹0.30 Cr
PS-2 (Hindi)28 April 2023₹2.18 Cr₹9.47 Cr₹14.24 Cr₹17.39 Cr
Bad Boy28 April 2023₹0.10 Cr₹0.27 Cr₹0.31 Cr₹0.31 Cr
Evil Dead Rise21 April 2023--₹16 Cr₹28.25 Cr
Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan21 April 2023₹15.81 Cr₹68.17 Cr₹92.28 Cr₹110.60 Cr
Shaakuntalam (Hindi)14 April 2023₹0.32 Cr₹0.93 Cr₹1.27 Cr₹1.27 Cr
Pinky Beauty Parlour14 April 2023--₹0.05 Cr₹0.05 Cr
Sir Madam Sarpanch14 April 2023--₹0.04 Cr₹0.04 Cr
Gumraah07 April 2023₹1.12 Cr₹3.97 Cr₹5.93 Cr₹8.28 Cr
August 16: 194707 April 2023--₹1 Cr₹1 Cr
The Pope’s Exorcist07 April 2023₹1.47 Cr₹4.42 Cr₹6.25 Cr₹11.45 Cr
Bholaa30 March 2023₹11.20 Cr₹44.28 Cr₹59.98 Cr₹88.46 Cr
Dasara (Hindi)30 March 2023₹0.52 Cr₹2.35 Cr₹3.30 Cr₹3.30 Cr
Bheed24 March 2023₹0.40 Cr₹1.40 Cr₹1.98 Cr₹2.03 Cr
John Wick 424 March 2023₹2.55 Cr₹17.55 Cr₹32.09 Cr₹53.21 Cr
Shazam: Fury Of The Gods17 March 2023--₹10.20 Cr₹12.70 Cr
Zwigato17 March 2023₹0.42 Cr₹1.84 Cr-₹1.84 Cr
Kabzaa (Hindi)17 March 2023--₹3.25 Cr₹3.25 Cr
Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway17 March 2023₹1.27 Cr₹6.42 Cr₹10.51 Cr₹21.67 Cr
Tu Jhoothi Main Makkaar08 March 2023₹15.73 Cr₹70.24 Cr (5-day)₹92.44 Cr₹149.05 Cr
Creed III03 March 2023--₹1.75 Cr₹1.75 Cr
Selfiee24 February 2023₹2.55 Cr₹10.30 Cr₹14.10 Cr₹16.85 Cr
Shehzada17 February 2023₹6 Cr₹20.20 Cr₹26.80 Cr₹33 Cr
Ant-Man And The Wasp: Quantumania17 February 2023₹8.50 Cr₹25.50 Cr₹32 Cr₹44.84 Cr
Shiv Shastri Balboa10 February 2023--₹0.55 Cr₹0.55 Cr
Gandhi Godse Ek Yudh26 January 2023--₹2 Cr₹2.40 Cr
Pathaan25 January 2023₹57 Cr₹280.75 Cr (5-day)₹364.15 Cr (9-day)₹543.27 Cr
Kuttey13 January 2023₹1 Cr₹3.20 Cr₹4.05 Cr₹4.65 Cr
Varisu (Hindi)13 January 2023₹0.80 Cr₹4.09 Cr₹6.22 Cr₹9.39 Cr
Lakadbaggha13 January 2023--₹0.11 Cr₹0.11 Cr


MovieRelease DateDay 1Weekend 1Week 1Lifetime
Cirkus23 December 2022₹6.25 Cr₹20.85 Cr₹27.95 Cr₹35.65 Cr
Avatar 2: The Way Of Water16 December 2022₹41 Cr₹129 Cr₹192.75 Cr₹388.05 Cr*
Salaam Venky09 December 2022₹0.20 Cr₹0.85 Cr-₹1.25 Cr
Vadh09 December 2022₹0.10 Cr₹0.34 Cr-₹0.60 Cr
Maarrich09 December 2022₹0.05 Cr₹0.18 Cr₹0.35 Cr₹0.35 Cr
An Action Hero02 December 2022₹1.31 Cr₹5.99 Cr₹8.19 Cr₹10.89 Cr
Bhediya25 November 2022₹7.48 Cr₹28.55 Cr₹42.05 Cr₹68.75 Cr*
Drishyam 218 November 2022₹15.38 Cr₹64.14 Cr₹104.66 Cr₹240.54 Cr*
Mister Mummy18 November 2022₹0.02 Cr₹0.06 Cr₹0.10 Cr₹0.10 Cr
Black Panther: Wakanda Forever11 November 2022₹11.70 Cr₹39.20 Cr₹51.50 Cr₹69.55 Cr
Uunchai11 November 2022₹1.81 Cr₹10.16 Cr₹17.02 Cr₹34.20 Cr
Yashoda (Hindi)11 November 2022----
Rocket Gang11 November 2022--₹0.25 Cr₹0.25 Cr
Phone Bhoot04 November 2022₹2.05 Cr₹7.70 Cr₹12.76 Cr₹14.01 Cr
Mili04 November 2022₹0.40 Cr₹1.55 Cr₹2.24 Cr₹2.24 Cr
Double XL04 November 2022₹0.15 Cr₹0.49 Cr₹0.60 Cr₹0.60 Cr
Ram Setu25 October 2022₹15.25 Cr₹56 Cr (6-Day)₹63.87 Cr (10-Day)₹71.87 Cr
Thank God25 October 2022₹8.10 Cr₹29.25 Cr (6-Day)₹32.79 Cr (10-Day)₹34.89 Cr
Black Adam20 October 2022₹6.60 Cr₹23.50 Cr (4-Day)₹34.13 Cr₹48.13 Cr
Doctor G14 October 2022₹3.87 Cr₹15.03 Cr₹21.95 Cr₹26.45 Cr
Code Name Tiranga14 October 2022₹0.15 Cr₹0.46 Cr₹0.70 Cr₹0.70 Cr
Kantara (Hindi)14 October 2022₹1.27 Cr₹7.52 Cr₹15 Cr₹79.25 Cr
Goodbye07 October 2022₹0.93 Cr₹3.78 Cr₹5.61 Cr₹6.38 Cr
The Ghost07 October 2022--₹1.25 Cr₹1.25 Cr
Godfather (Hindi)05 October 2022₹1.61 Cr₹6.56 Cr (5-Day)₹9.03 Cr₹10.49 Cr
Vikram Vedha30 September 2022₹10.58 Cr₹36.94 Cr₹58.57 Cr₹78.66 Cr
PS-1 (Hindi)30 September 2022₹2 Cr₹8.10 Cr₹14.25 Cr₹25.12 Cr
Woh 3 Din30 September 2022--₹0.02 Cr₹0.02 Cr
Chup23 September 2022₹3.06 Cr₹7.38 Cr₹9.75 Cr₹9.75 Cr
Dhokha: Round D Corner23 September 2022₹1.25 Cr₹2.40 Cr₹2.75 Cr₹2.75 Cr
Prem Geet 323 September 2022₹0.92 Cr--₹1.60 Cr
Middle Class Love16 September 2022--₹0.50 Cr₹0.50 Cr
Jahaan Chaar Yaar16 September 2022--₹0.45 Cr₹0.45 Cr
Siya16 September 2022--₹0.20 Cr₹0.20 Cr
Brahmastra - Part One: Shiva09 September 2022₹36 Cr₹120.75 Cr₹168.75 Cr₹257.44 Cr*
Sita Ramam (Hindi)02 September 2022₹0.50 Cr₹2.25 Cr₹3.25 Cr₹8.19 Cr
Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero26 August 2022--₹1.50 Cr₹1.80 Cr
Liger: Saala Crossbreed25 August 2022₹4.50 Cr (+₹1.25cr Prev.)₹13.75 Cr₹18.05 Cr₹20.05 Cr
Do Baaraa19 August 2022₹0.72 Cr₹2.98 Cr₹3.63 Cr₹5.35 Cr
Karthikeya 2 (Hindi)13 August 2022₹0.07 Cr₹0.35 Cr₹5.75 Cr₹31.05 Cr
Laal Singh Chaddha11 August 2022₹11.70 Cr₹37.96 Cr₹50.98 Cr₹58.73 Cr
Raksha Bandhan11 August 2022₹8.20 Cr₹28.16 Cr₹38.30 Cr₹44.39 Cr
Bullet Train05 August 2022--₹4.51 Cr₹5.51 Cr
DC League Of Super Pets05 August 2022--₹2.26 Cr₹3.01 Cr
Ek Villain Returns29 July 2022₹7.05 Cr₹23.54 Cr₹32.92 Cr₹41.69 Cr
Vikrant Rona (Hindi)28 July 2022₹1.11 Cr₹5.96 Cr₹8.14 Cr₹12.49 Cr
Shamshera22 July 2022₹10.25 Cr₹31.75 Cr₹40.45 Cr₹42.48 Cr
Hit: The First Case15 July 2022₹1.35 Cr₹5.59 Cr₹7.69 Cr₹9.29 Cr
Shabaash Mithu15 July 2022₹0.40 Cr₹1.65 Cr₹2.12 Cr₹2.23 Cr
Khuda Haafiz 2: Agni Pariksha08 July 2022₹1.30 Cr₹6.15 Cr₹10.60 Cr₹14.33 Cr
Thor: Love And Thunder07 July 2022₹18.20 Cr₹64.80 Cr₹79.55 Cr₹101.71 Cr
Rocketry: The Nambi Effect01 July 2022₹1.25 Cr₹7.50 Cr₹12.49 Cr₹26.05 Cr
Rashtra Kavach Om01 July 2022₹1.51 Cr₹5.05 Cr₹7.01 Cr₹7.11 Cr
Minions: The Rise Of Gru01 July 2022₹0.84 Cr₹5.39 Cr₹6.97 Cr₹12.62 Cr
Jug Jugg Jeeyo24 June 2022₹9.05 Cr₹36.93 Cr₹53.66 Cr₹85.03 Cr
Sherdil: The Pilibhit Saga24 June 2022--₹0.10 Cr₹0.10 Cr
Nikamma17 June 2022₹0.51 Cr₹1.51 Cr₹1.77 Cr₹1.77 Cr
Janhit Mein Jaari10 June 2022₹0.43 Cr₹2.19 Cr₹3.33 Cr₹4.28 Cr
Jurassic World Dominion10 June 2022₹8 Cr (+ ₹3.75cr Prev.)₹35.55 Cr₹47.35 Cr₹68.56 Cr
777 Charlie10 June 2022₹0.18 Cr₹1.02 Cr₹1.90 Cr₹6.55 Cr
Samrat Prithviraj03 June 2022₹10.70 Cr₹39.40 Cr₹55.05 Cr₹68.05 Cr
Major03 June 2022₹1.10 Cr₹4.66 Cr₹7.63 Cr₹12.71 Cr
Vikram: Hit List03 June 2022₹0.60 Cr₹2.08 Cr₹3.45 Cr₹6.64 Cr
Anek27 May 2022₹1.77 Cr₹5.35 Cr₹8 Cr₹8.15 Cr
Dehati Disco27 May 2022--₹0.10 Cr₹0.10 Cr
Top Gun: Maverick27 May 2022₹2.46 Cr (+ ₹1.94cr Prev.)₹12.68 Cr₹17.70 Cr₹34.50 Cr
Bhool Bhulaiyaa 220 May 2022₹14.11 Cr₹55.96 Cr₹92.05 Cr₹185.92 Cr
Dhaakad20 May 2022₹0.50 Cr₹1.55 Cr₹1.96 Cr₹2.58 Cr
Jayeshbhai Jordaar13 May 2022₹3.25 Cr₹12 Cr₹14.95 Cr₹15.59 Cr
Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness06 May 2022₹28.35 Cr₹79.50 Cr₹101.49 Cr₹130 Cr
Mere Desh Ki Dharti06 May 2022--₹0.50 Cr₹0.50 Cr
Runway 3429 April 2022₹3 Cr₹13.50 Cr₹22.25 Cr₹32.96 Cr
Heropanti 229 April 2022₹6.50 Cr₹15.50 Cr₹23.60 Cr₹24.45 Cr
Jersey22 April 2022₹2.93 Cr₹12.21 Cr₹17.20 Cr₹19.68 Cr
KGF 2 (Hindi)14 April 2022₹53.95 Cr₹193.99 Cr₹268.63 Cr₹434.70 Cr
Raw (Beast)13 April 2022₹0.55 Cr₹1.50 Cr₹1.76 Cr₹1.76 Cr
Fantastic Beasts 308 April 2022-₹7.98 Cr₹10.03 Cr₹13.74 Cr
Hurdang08 April 2022----
Attack: Part 101 April 2022₹3.38 Cr₹10.91 Cr₹14.08 Cr₹16.13 Cr
Morbius01 April 2022₹1.15 Cr₹3.40 Cr₹4.36 Cr₹4.56 Cr
RRR (Hindi)25 March 2022₹20.07 Cr₹74.50 Cr₹132.59 Cr₹277.17 Cr
Bachchhan Paandey18 March 2022₹13.25 Cr₹36.17 Cr₹47.98 Cr₹49.98 Cr
Radhe Shyam11 March 2022₹4.44 Cr₹13.94 Cr₹18.20 Cr₹19.30 Cr
The Kashmir Files11 March 2022₹3.55 Cr₹27.15 Cr₹97.30 Cr₹252.90 Cr
Jhund04 March2022₹1.38 Cr₹5.58 Cr₹9.51 Cr₹15.16 Cr
The Batman04 March 2022₹6.66 Cr₹22 Cr₹30.08 Cr₹48.10 Cr
Gangubai Kathiawadi25 February 2022₹10.50 Cr₹39.12 Cr₹68.93 Cr₹129.10 Cr
Valimai (Hindi)25 February 2022₹0.45 Cr-₹1.05 Cr₹1.05 Cr
Uncharted18 February 2022₹1.40 Cr₹5.90 Cr₹8.10 Cr₹10.17 Cr
Badhaai Do11 February 2022₹1.65 Cr₹7.82 Cr₹12.60 Cr₹20.62 Cr
Khiladi (Hindi)11 February 2022--₹3 Cr₹4 Cr
The King's Man14 January 2022--₹0.76 Cr₹1.06 Cr


MovieRelease DateDay 1Weekend 1Week 1Lifetime
'8324 December 2021₹12.64 Cr₹47 Cr₹71.87 Cr₹109.02 Cr
The Matrix Resurrections22 December 2021₹0.80 Cr₹2.70 Cr₹4.28 Cr₹4.61 Cr
Pushpa: The Rise (Hindi)17 December 2021₹3.33 Cr₹12.68 Cr₹26.95 Cr₹108.26 Cr
Spider-Man: No Way Home16 December 2021₹32.67 Cr₹108.37 Cr₹148.07 Cr₹218.41 Cr
Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui10 December 2021₹3.75 Cr₹14.53 Cr₹22.61 Cr₹28.26 Cr
Velle10 December 2021----
Tadap03 December 2021₹4.05 Cr₹13.52 Cr₹21.04 Cr₹26.91 Cr
Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City03 December 2021₹0.20 Cr₹0.74 Cr₹1.08 Cr₹1.15 Cr
Antim: The Final Truth26 November 2021₹5.03 Cr₹18.61 Cr₹29.35 Cr₹39.06 Cr
Satyameva Jayate 225 November 2021₹3.60 Cr₹10.20 Cr₹13.09 Cr₹13.70 Cr
Bunty Aur Babli 219 November 2021₹2.60 Cr₹8.30 Cr₹11.15 Cr₹12.50 Cr
Sooryavanshi05 November 2021₹26.29 Cr₹77.08 Cr₹120.66 Cr₹196 Cr
Eternals05 November 2021₹7.35 Cr₹19.15 Cr₹27.45 Cr₹37.12 Cr
Venom: Let There Be Carnage14 October 2021₹2.88 Cr₹12.16 Cr₹16.21 Cr₹23.27 Cr
No Time To Die30 September 2021₹2.24 Cr₹11.13 Cr₹14.97 Cr₹18 Cr
Jungle Cruise24 September 2021₹0.66 Cr₹2.81 Cr₹4.21 Cr₹4.21 Cr
Thalaivii10 September 2021₹1.25 Cr (₹0.32cr Hindi)₹4.75cr (₹1.07cr Hindi)₹6.75cr (₹1.46cr Hindi)₹6.75cr (₹1.46cr Hindi)
Shang-Chi: And The Legend Of The Ten Rings03 September 2021₹2.97 Cr₹10.61 Cr₹15.28 Cr₹23.70 Cr
Faactory03 September 2021----
Fast And Furious 902 September 2021₹1.92 Cr₹7.66 Cr₹10.91 Cr₹13.61 Cr
Chehre27 August 2021₹0.40 Cr₹1.80 Cr₹2.55 Cr₹2.55 Cr
BellBottom19 August 2021₹2.75 Cr₹12.80 Cr₹18.75 Cr₹30.83 Cr
Radhe13 May 2021₹0.001 Cr₹0.006 Cr-₹0.05 Cr
Koi Jaane Na02 April 2021----
Saina26 March 2021₹0.15 Cr₹0.68 Cr₹1.16 Cr₹1.16 Cr
Godzilla Vs Kong24 March 2021₹6.40 Cr₹28.96 Cr₹40.07 Cr₹46.58 Cr
Sandeep Aur Pinky Faraar19 March 2021₹0.06 Cr₹0.25 Cr₹0.35 Cr₹0.35 Cr
Mumbai Saga19 March 2021₹2.82 Cr₹8.74 Cr₹13.43 Cr₹16.53 Cr
Roohi11 March 2021₹3.06 Cr₹12.58 Cr₹17.56 Cr₹23.25 Cr
Tom & Jerry19 February 2021----
Tuesdays & Fridays19 February 2021---₹0.22 Cr
Monster Hunster05 February 2021----
Madam Chief Minister22 January 2021₹0.05 Cr₹0.22 Cr₹0.36 Cr₹0.36 Cr
Vijay The Master14 January 2021₹0.70 Cr₹2.10 Cr₹3.77 Cr₹4.73 Cr
Kaagaz07 January 2021--₹0.005 Cr₹0.005 Cr
Ramprasad Ki Tehrvi01 January 2021₹0.08 Cr₹0.17 Cr₹0.27 Cr₹0.27 Cr


MovieRelease DateDay 1Weekend 1Week 1Lifetime
Shakeela25 December 2020₹0.07 Cr₹0.22 Cr₹0.33 Cr₹0.33 Cr
Wonder Woman 198425 December 2020₹1.45 Cr₹7.74 Cr₹9.96 Cr₹18.36 Cr
Indoo Ki Jawani11 December 2020₹0.22 Cr₹0.74 Cr₹1.06 Cr₹1.06 Cr
Tenet04 December 2020₹1.21 Cr₹4.30 Cr₹6.43 Cr₹12.57 Cr
Suraj Pe Mangal Bhari13 November 2020₹0.85 Cr₹1.71 Cr₹2.92 Cr₹3.90 Cr
Angrezi Medium13 March 2020₹4.03 Cr₹9.72 Cr₹9.72 Cr₹9.72 Cr
Baaghi 306 March 2020₹17.50 Cr₹53.83 Cr₹90.67 Cr₹97 Cr
Kaamyaab06 March 2020₹0.10 Cr₹0.35 Cr₹0.50 Cr₹0.50 Cr
Thappad28 February 2020₹3.07 Cr₹14.66 Cr₹22.79 Cr₹31.66 Cr
Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan21 February 2020₹9.55 Cr₹32.66 Cr₹44.84 Cr₹62.65 Cr
Bhoot: The Haunted Ship21 February 2020₹5.10 Cr₹16.36 Cr₹24.18 Cr₹31.35 Cr
Love Aaj Kal14 February 2020₹12.40 Cr₹28.51 Cr₹36.76 Cr₹39.15 Cr
Malang07 February 2020₹6.71 Cr₹25.36 Cr₹39.65 Cr₹59.70 Cr
Shikara07 February 2020₹1.20 Cr₹4.95 Cr₹6.70 Cr₹7.95 Cr
Jawaani Jaaneman31 January 2020₹3.24 Cr₹12.83 Cr₹20.21 Cr₹28.98 Cr
Street Dancer 3D24 January 2020₹10.26 Cr₹41.23 Cr₹56.77 Cr₹74.93 Cr
Panga24 January 2020₹2.70 Cr₹14.91 Cr₹21.36₹28.92 Cr
Jai Mummy Di17 January 2020₹0.45 Cr₹1.77 Cr₹2.50 Cr₹2.51 Cr
Tanhaji10 January 2020₹15.10 Cr₹61.75 Cr₹118.91 Cr₹279.49 Cr
Chhapaak10 January 2020₹4.77 Cr₹19.02 Cr₹28.38 Cr₹34.08 Cr


MovieRelease DateDay 1Day 2Day 3Week 1Lifetime
Good Newwz27 December 2019₹17.56 Cr₹21.78 Cr₹25.65 Cr₹127.90 Cr₹205.14 Cr
Dabangg 320 December 2019₹24.50 Cr₹24.75 Cr₹31.90 Cr₹126.55 Cr₹151.85 Cr
Mardaani 213 December 2019₹3.80 Cr₹6.55 Cr₹7.80 Cr₹28.05 Cr₹47.35 Cr
Panipat06 December 2019₹4.12 Cr₹5.78 Cr₹7.78 Cr₹25.68 Cr₹33.86 Cr
Pati Patni Aur Woh06 December 2019₹9.10 Cr₹12.33 Cr₹14.51 Cr₹55.97 Cr₹86.89 Cr
Hotel Mumbai29 November 2019₹1.08 Cr₹1.70 Cr₹2.03 Cr₹7.21 Cr₹7.21 Cr
Commando 329 November 2019₹4.74 Cr₹5.64 Cr₹7.95 Cr₹29.24 Cr₹32.45 Cr
Pagalpanti22 November 2019₹4.75 Cr₹6.50 Cr₹8.25 Cr₹28.15 Cr₹28.15 Cr
Motichoor Chaknachoor15 November 2019₹0.30 Cr₹0.35 Cr₹0.70 Cr₹2.05 Cr₹2.05 Cr
Marjaavaan15 November 2019₹7.03 Cr₹7.21 Cr₹10.18 Cr₹37.87 Cr₹48.37 Cr
Satellite Shankar08 November 2019₹0.10 Cr₹0.12 Cr₹0.10 Cr₹0.53 Cr₹0.54 Cr
Bypass Road08 November 2019₹0.18 Cr₹0.18 Cr₹0.18 Cr₹1.13 Cr₹1.16 Cr
Bala07 November 2019₹10.15 Cr₹15.73 Cr₹18.07 Cr₹72.24 Cr₹116.38 Cr
Ujda Chaman01 November 2019₹2.35 Cr₹3.30 Cr₹3.61 Cr₹12.26 Cr₹12.26 Cr
HouseFull 425 October 2019₹19.08 Cr₹18.81 Cr₹15.33 Cr₹141.31 Cr₹210.80 Cr
Saand Ki Aankh25 October 2019₹0.48 Cr₹1.08 Cr₹0.91 Cr₹11.68 Cr₹22.66 Cr
Made In China25 October 2019₹1 Cr₹1.50 Cr₹1.25 Cr₹10.50 Cr₹13.40 Cr
Laal Kaptaan18 October 2019₹0.50 Cr₹0.60 Cr₹0.60 Cr₹2.36 Cr₹2.36 Cr
The Sky Is Pink11 October 2019₹2.50 Cr ₹4 Cr₹4.20 Cr₹15.15 Cr₹15.15 Cr
War02 October 2019₹53.35 Cr₹24.35 Cr₹22.45 Cr₹238.35 Cr₹317.77 Cr
Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy02 October 2019₹2.60 Cr₹1.75 Cr₹1.40 Cr₹10.10 Cr₹10.10 Cr
Prassthanam20 September 2019₹0.75 Cr₹0.85 Cr₹1.15 Cr₹4.25 Cr₹4.75 Cr
Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas20 September 2019₹1.15 Cr₹1.35 Cr₹1.65 Cr₹6.25 Cr₹6.25 Cr
The Zoya Factor20 September 2019₹0.70 Cr₹0.80 Cr₹0.80 Cr₹2.90 Cr₹2.90 Cr
Dream Girl13 September 2019₹10.05 Cr₹16.42 Cr₹18.10 Cr₹72.20 Cr₹142.26 Cr
Section 37513 September 2019₹1.45 Cr₹3.07 Cr₹3.52 Cr₹12.49 Cr₹12.49 Cr
Pehlwaan12 September 2019-----
Chhichhore06 September 2019₹7.32 Cr₹12.25 Cr₹16.41 Cr₹68.83 Cr₹153.09 Cr
Saaho (Hindi)30 August 2019₹24.40 Cr₹25.20 Cr₹29.48 Cr₹116.03 Cr₹142.87 Cr
Mission Mangal15 August 2019₹29.16 Cr₹17.28 Cr₹23.58 Cr₹128.16 Cr₹203.14 Cr
Batla House15 August 2019₹15.55 Cr₹8.84 Cr₹10.90 Cr₹65.84 Cr₹98.56 Cr
Jabariya Jodi09 August 2019₹3.15 Cr₹4.25 Cr₹4.60 Cr₹16.20 Cr₹16.33 Cr
Khandaani Shafakhana02 August 2019₹0.75 Cr₹0.80 Cr₹1.20 Cr₹3.85 Cr₹3.85 Cr
Judgementall Hai Kya26 July 2019₹5.40 Cr₹8.02 Cr₹8.62 Cr₹31.42 Cr₹40.10 Cr
Arjun Patiala26 July 2019₹1.50 Cr₹1.80 Cr₹2.10 Cr₹7.10 Cr₹7.10 Cr
Family Of Thakurganj19 July 2019₹0.20 Cr₹0.25 Cr₹0.25 Cr--
Jhootha Kahin Ka19 July 2019₹0.92 Cr₹0.95 Cr₹1 Cr--
Super 3012 July 2019₹11.83 Cr₹18.19 Cr₹20.74 Cr₹75.85 Cr₹146.94 Cr
One Day05 July 2019₹0.10 Cr₹0.15 Cr₹0.15 Cr₹0.60 Cr₹0.60 Cr
Hume Tumse Pyaar Kitna05 July 2019₹0.05 Cr₹0.05 Cr₹0.05 Cr₹0.20 Cr₹0.20 Cr
Malaal05 July 2019₹0.50 Cr₹0.55 Cr₹0.55 Cr₹2.25 Cr₹2.54 Cr
Article 1528 June 2019₹5.02 Cr₹7.25 Cr₹7.77 Cr₹34.21 Cr₹65.25 Cr
Kabir Singh21 June 2019₹20.21 Cr₹22.71₹27.91 Cr₹134.42 Cr₹278.24 Cr
Game Over14 June 2019₹0.97 Cr₹1.94 Cr₹2.04 Cr₹9.02 Cr₹11.06 Cr
Bharat05 June 2019₹42.30 Cr₹31 Cr₹22.20 Cr₹180.05 Cr₹211.31 Cr
PM Narendra Modi24 May 2019₹2.88 Cr₹3.76 Cr₹5.12 Cr₹19.21 Cr₹26.15 Cr
India's Most Wanted24 May 2019₹2.10 Cr₹3.03 Cr₹3.56 Cr₹11.31 Cr₹11.31 Cr
De De Pyaar De17 May 2019₹10.41 Cr₹13.39 Cr₹14.74 Cr₹61.05 Cr₹103.64 Cr
Student Of The Year 210 May 2019₹12.06 Cr₹14.02 Cr₹12.75 Cr₹57.90 Cr₹70.18 Cr
Blank03 May 2019₹0.97 Cr₹1.17 Cr₹1.58 Cr₹5.11 Cr₹5.14 Cr
Setters03 May 2019₹0.15 Cr₹0.20 Cr₹0.20 Cr₹0.75 Cr₹0.75 Cr
Kalank17 April 2019₹21.60 Cr₹11.45 Cr₹11.60 Cr₹78.56 Cr₹85.05 Cr
The Tashkent Files12 April 2019₹0.40 Cr₹0.80 Cr₹1 Cr₹3.50 Cr₹17.21 Cr
Paharganj12 April 2019₹0.08 Cr--₹0.25 Cr₹0.28 Cr
Romeo Akbar Walter05 April 2019₹6 Cr₹7.70 Cr₹9 Cr₹32.05 Cr₹41.85 Cr
Junglee29 March 2019₹3.35 Cr₹4.45 Cr₹6.05 Cr₹21.20 Cr₹24.70 Cr
Notebook29 March 2019₹0.75 Cr₹0.90 Cr₹1 Cr₹4.20 Cr₹4.20 Cr
Gone Kesh29 March 2019---₹0.13 Cr₹0.13 Cr
Kesari21 March 2019₹21.06 Cr₹16.75 Cr₹18.75 Cr₹105.86 Cr₹154.50 Cr
Milan Talkies15 March 2019₹0.10 Cr₹0.15 Cr₹0.15 Cr₹0.52 Cr₹0.52 Cr
Photograph15 March 2019₹0.25 Cr₹0.30 Cr₹0.40 Cr₹1.28 Cr₹1.29 Cr
Mere Pyare Prime Minister15 March 2019₹0.07 Cr₹0.10 Cr₹0.10 Cr₹0.39 Cr₹0.39 Cr
Badla08 March 2019₹5.04 Cr₹8.55 Cr₹9.61 Cr₹38 Cr₹88.29 Cr
Sonchiriya01 March 2019₹1.20 Cr₹1.50 Cr₹1.90 Cr₹7.40 Cr₹7.40 Cr
Luka Chuppi01 March 2019₹8.01 Cr₹10.08 Cr₹14.04 Cr₹53.70 Cr₹94.75 Cr
Total Dhamaal22 February 2019₹16.50 Cr₹20.40 Cr₹25.50 Cr₹94.55 Cr₹154.23 Cr
Hum Chaar15 February 2019---₹0.19 Cr₹0.19 Cr
Facebook Wala Pyar14 February 2019-----
Gully Boy14 February 2019₹19.40 Cr₹13.10 Cr₹18.65 Cr₹100.30 Cr₹140.25 Cr
The Fakir of Venice08 February 2019₹0.20 Cr₹0.25 Cr₹0.30 Cr₹1 Cr₹1 Cr
Amavas08 February 2019₹0.60 Cr₹0.70 Cr₹0.70 Cr₹2.85 Cr₹2.85 Cr
Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga01 February 2019₹3.30 Cr₹4.65 Cr₹5.58 Cr₹19.68 Cr₹23.21 Cr
Thackeray25 January 2019₹6 Cr₹10 Cr₹6.90 Cr₹31.60 Cr₹31.60 Cr
Manikarnika25 January 2019₹7.75 Cr₹18.10 Cr₹15.70 Cr₹61.15 Cr₹95.17 Cr
Rangeela Raja18 January 2019₹0.05 Cr₹0.05 Cr₹0.05 Cr₹0.19 Cr₹0.19 Cr
Fraud Saiyaan18 January 2019₹0.11 Cr₹0.10 Cr₹0.15 Cr₹0.52 Cr₹0.52 Cr
Why Cheat India18 January 2019₹1.71 Cr₹2.45 Cr₹2.64 Cr₹8.45 Cr₹8.66 Cr
The Accidental Prime Minister11 January 2019₹4.50 Cr₹5.30 Cr₹6 Cr₹28.75 Cr₹28.75 Cr
Uri-The Surgical Strike11 January 2019₹8.20 Cr₹12.43 Cr₹15.10 Cr₹70.94 Cr₹244.33 Cr


MovieRelease DateDay 1Day 2Day 3Week 1Lifetime
192112 January 2018₹1.56 Cr₹2.09 Cr₹2.80 Cr₹11.56 Cr₹15.94 Cr
Kaalakaandi12 January 2018₹1.25 Cr₹1.20 Cr₹1.40 Cr₹5.77 Cr₹6.34 Cr
Mukkabaaz12 January 2018₹0.82 Cr₹1.51 Cr₹1.71 Cr₹6.73 Cr₹10.51 Cr
My Birthday Song19 January 2018₹0.05 Cr₹0.05 Cr₹0.05 Cr₹0.30 Cr₹0.33 Cr
Vodka Diaries19 January 2018₹0.30 Cr₹0.33 Cr₹0.35 Cr₹1.15 Cr₹1.29 Cr
Padmaavat25 January 2018₹24 Cr (Incl. ₹5 Cr Wed)₹32 Cr₹27 Cr₹166.50 Cr₹302.15 Cr
PadMan09 February 2018₹10.26 Cr₹13.68 Cr₹16.11 Cr₹62.87 Cr₹81.82 Cr
Aiyaary16 February 2018₹3.36 Cr₹4.05 Cr₹4.35 Cr₹16.16 Cr₹18.22 Cr
Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety23 February 2018₹6.42 Cr₹9.34 Cr₹10.81 Cr₹45.94 Cr₹108.95 Cr
Welcome To New York23 February 2018₹0.60 Cr₹0.55 Cr₹0.65 Cr2.30 Cr₹2.38 Cr
Pari02 March 2018₹4.36 Cr₹5.47 Cr₹5.51 Cr₹22.75 Cr₹28.96 Cr
Veerey Ki Wedding02 March 2018₹0.75 Cr₹0.70 Cr₹0.80 Cr₹2.95 Cr₹2.98 Cr
Hate Story 409 March 2018₹3.76 Cr₹4.19 Cr₹4.66 Cr₹20.04 Cr₹22.38 Cr
Dil Juunglee09 March 2018₹0.35 Cr₹0.30 Cr₹0.35 Cr₹1.25 Cr₹1.30 Cr
3 Storeys09 March 2018₹0.35 Cr₹0.60 Cr₹0.70 Cr₹2.70 Cr₹3.92 Cr
Raid16 March 2018₹10.04 Cr₹13.86 Cr₹17.11 Cr₹63.05 Cr₹103.07 Cr
Hichki23 March 2018₹3.30 Cr₹5.35 Cr₹6.70 Cr26.10 Cr₹46.21 Cr
Baa Baaa Black Sheep23 March 2018₹0.10 Cr--₹0.23 Cr₹0.24 Cr
Baaghi 230 March 2018₹25.10 Cr₹20.40 Cr₹27.60 Cr₹112.85 Cr₹165.50 Cr
Blackmail06 April 2018₹2.81 Cr₹3.85 Cr₹4.56 Cr₹16.92 Cr₹20.34 Cr
Missing06 April 2018₹0.15 Cr₹0.17 Cr₹0.20 Cr₹0.75 Cr₹0.86 Cr
October13 April 2018₹5.04 Cr₹7.47 Cr₹7.74 Cr₹32.13 Cr₹45.78 Cr
Mercury13 April 2018---₹0.32 Cr₹0.32 Cr
Nanu Ki Jaanu20 April 2018₹0.75 Cr₹1.10 Cr₹1.25 Cr₹4 Cr₹4.12 Cr
Beyond The Clouds20 April 2018₹0.30 Cr₹0.40 Cr₹0.50 Cr₹1.50 Cr₹1.63 Cr
Daas Dev27 April 2018₹0.16 Cr₹0.20 Cr₹0.27 Cr₹1.27 Cr₹1.47 Cr
102 Not Out04 May 2018₹3.52 Cr₹5.53 Cr₹7.60 Cr₹27.70 Cr₹52.04 Cr
Omerta04 May 2018₹0.54 Cr₹1.09 Cr₹1.62 Cr₹3.63 Cr₹3.63 Cr
Raazi11 May 2018₹7.53 Cr₹11.30 Cr₹14.11 Cr₹56.59 Cr₹123.84 Cr
Hope Aur Hum11 May 2018₹0.04 Cr₹0.04 Cr₹0.04 Cr₹0.17 Cr₹0.18 Cr
High Jack18 May 2018₹0.06 Cr₹0.08 Cr₹0.10 Cr₹0.34 Cr₹0.34 Cr
Angrezi Mein Kehta Hain18 May 2018₹0.06 Cr₹0.06 Cr₹0.08 Cr₹0.27 Cr₹0.27 Cr
Khazoor Pe Atke18 May 2018₹0.10 Cr0.10 Cr₹0.15 Cr₹0.61 Cr₹0.61 Cr
Parmanu25 May 2018₹4.82 Cr₹7.64 Cr₹8.32 Cr₹35.41 Cr₹65.89 Cr
Bioscopewala25 May 2018₹0.05 Cr₹0.10 Cr₹0.10 Cr₹0.50 Cr₹0.55 Cr
Veere Di Wedding01 June 2018₹10.70 Cr₹12.25 Cr₹13.57 Cr₹56.96 Cr₹81.39 Cr
Bhavesh Joshi Superhero01 June 2018₹0.30 Cr₹0.35 Cr₹0.35 Cr₹1.45 Cr₹1.46 Cr
3 Dev01 June 2018-----
Phamous01 June 2018₹0.07 Cr₹0.08 Cr₹0.10 Cr₹0.35 Cr₹0.36 Cr
Race 315 June 2018₹29.17 Cr₹38.14 Cr₹39.16 Cr₹144.51 Cr₹170.72 Cr
Sanju29 June 2018₹34.75 Cr₹38.60 Cr₹46.71 Cr₹202.51 Cr₹342.86 Cr
Soorma13 July 2018₹3.20 Cr₹5.05 Cr₹5.60 Cr₹21.21 Cr₹32.38 Cr
Dhadak20 July 2018₹8.71 Cr₹11.04 Cr₹13.92 Cr₹51.56 Cr₹74.17Cr
Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster 327 July 2018₹1.25 Cr₹1.55 Cr₹1.60 Cr₹6.60 Cr₹6.68 Cr
Nawabzaade27 July 2018₹0.45 Cr₹0.60 Cr₹0.90 Cr₹3.25 Cr₹4.05 Cr
Fanney Khan03 August 2018₹2.15 Cr₹2.60 Cr₹3 Cr₹10.55 Cr₹12.75 Cr
Mulk03 August 2018₹1.68 Cr₹2.81 Cr₹3.67 Cr₹12.81 Cr₹21.10 Cr
Karwaan03 August 2018₹1.60 Cr₹2.80 Cr₹3.70 Cr₹12.50 Cr₹18.93 Cr
Vishwaroop II10 August 2018₹1.75 Cr--₹4.08 Cr₹4.08 Cr
Gold15 August 2018₹25.25 Cr₹10.0 Cr₹10.10 Cr₹89.30 Cr₹108.65 Cr
Satyameva Jayate15 August 2018₹20.52 Cr₹7.92 Cr₹9.18 Cr₹75.09 Cr₹90.75 Cr
Happy Phirr Bhag Jayegi24 August 2018₹2.70 Cr₹4.03 Cr₹5.05 Cr₹18.11 Cr₹20.18 Cr
Genius24 August 2018₹0.75 Cr₹1 Cr₹1.25 Cr₹4.50 Cr₹4.50 Cr
Yamla Pagla Deewana Phir Se31 August 2018₹1.82 Cr₹1.98 Cr₹3.02 Cr₹11.37 Cr₹12.77 Cr
Stree31 August 2018₹6.82 Cr₹10.87 Cr₹13.57 Cr₹60.39 Cr₹129.90 Cr
Paltan07 September 2018₹1.28 Cr₹1.73 Cr₹2.23 Cr₹7.19 Cr₹7.20 Cr
Laila Majnu07 September 2018₹0.45 Cr₹0.56 Cr₹0.79 Cr₹2.89 Cr₹2.89 Cr
Gali Guleiyan07 September 2018₹0.05 Cr₹0.07 Cr₹0.06 Cr₹0.28 Cr₹0.28 Cr
Manmarziyaan14 September 2018₹3.52 Cr₹5.11 Cr₹5.70 Cr₹21.40 Cr₹27.09
Mitron14 September 2018₹0.55 Cr₹0.80 Cr₹1.05 Cr₹3.55 Cr₹3.86 Cr
Love Sonia14 September 2018₹0.25 Cr₹0.40 Cr₹0.50 Cr₹1.75 Cr₹1.75 Cr
Batti Gul Meter Chalu21 September 2018₹6.76 Cr₹7.96 Cr₹8.54 Cr₹34.43₹37.73 Cr
Ishqeria21 September 2018₹0.05 Cr₹0.06 Cr₹0.07 Cr--
Manto21 September 2018₹0.45 Cr₹0.70 Cr₹0.80 Cr₹3.05 Cr₹3.71 Cr
Sui Dhaaga28 September 2018₹8.30 Cr₹12.25 Cr₹16.05 Cr₹62.50 Cr₹79.02 Cr
Pataakha28 September 2018₹0.90 Cr₹1.40 Cr₹1.75 Cr₹7.64 Cr₹7.89 Cr
Andhadhun05 October 2018₹2.70 Cr₹5.10 Cr₹7.20 Cr₹27.90 Cr₹71.77 Cr
LoveYatri05 October 2018₹2 Cr₹2.10 Cr₹2.80 Cr₹10.50 Cr₹11.24 Cr
Helicopter Eela12 October 2018₹0.75 Cr₹1.10 Cr₹1.25 Cr₹4.35 Cr₹4.35 Cr
Fry Day12 October 2018₹0.30 Cr₹0.35 Cr₹0.55 Cr₹1.50 Cr₹1.52 Cr
Tumbbad12 October 2018₹0.65 Cr₹1.15 Cr₹1.45 Cr₹5.85 Cr₹13.48 Cr
Jalebi12 October 2019₹0.50 Cr₹0.60 Cr₹0.60 Cr₹2.45 Cr₹2.45 Cr
Badhaai Ho19 October 2018₹7.35 Cr₹11.85 Cr₹12.80 Cr₹66.40 Cr₹137.61 Cr
Namaste England19 October 2018₹1.90 Cr₹2.50 Cr₹1.55 Cr₹10.10 Cr₹10.10 Cr
Baazaar26 October 2018₹3.07 Cr₹4.10 Cr₹4.76 Cr₹18.05 Cr₹28.02 Cr
5 Weddings26 October 2018₹0.10 Cr₹0.10 Cr₹0.10 Cr₹0.36 Cr₹0.36 Cr
Kaashi- In Search of Ganga26 October 2018₹0.20 Cr₹0.25 Cr₹0.25 Cr₹0.90 Cr₹0.90 Cr
Dassehra26 October 2018₹0.01 Cr₹0.01 Cr₹0.01 Cr₹0.04 Cr₹0.04 Cr
Lupt02 November 2018₹0.23 Cr₹0.40 Cr₹0.48 Cr₹1.11 Cr₹1.56 Cr
Jack And Dil02 November 2018₹0.10 Cr₹0.10 Cr₹0.10 Cr₹0.50 Cr₹0.50 Cr
Ekkees Tareekh Shubh Muhurat02 November 2018₹0.09 Cr₹0.15 Cr₹0.16 Cr₹0.62 Cr₹0.62 Cr
Thugs Of Hindostan08 November 2018₹52.25 Cr₹29.25 Cr₹23.50 Cr₹140.40 Cr₹151.19 Cr
Pihu16 November 2018₹0.45 Cr₹0.55 Cr₹0.60 Cr₹2.50 Cr₹2.96 Cr
Mohalla Assi16 November 2018₹0.25 Cr₹0.30 Cr₹0.35 Cr₹1.60 Cr₹1.64 Cr
Bhaiaji Superhit23 November 2018₹1.20 Cr₹1.10 Cr₹2 Cr₹5.35 Cr₹6.25 Cr
2.0 (Hindi)29 November 2018₹20.25 Cr₹18 Cr₹25 Cr₹139.75 Cr₹189.69 Cr
Kedarnath07 December 2018₹7.25 Cr₹9.75 Cr₹10.75 Cr₹42.45 Cr₹69.33 Cr
Zero21 December 2018₹20.14 Cr₹18.22 Cr₹20.71 Cr₹90.07 Cr₹98.12 Cr
KGF (Hindi)21 December 2018₹2.10 Cr₹3 Cr₹4.10 Cr₹21.45 Cr₹44.09 Cr
Simmba28 December 2018₹20.72 Cr₹23.33 Cr₹31.06 Cr₹150.81 Cr₹240.31 Cr


MovieRelease DateDay 1Day 2Day 31 WeekLifetime
OK Jaanu13 January 2017₹4.08 Cr₹4.90 Cr₹4.82 Cr₹19 Cr₹23.64 Cr
Haraamkhor13 January 2017₹23.70 Lacs₹35.60 Lacs₹41.90 Lacs₹1.30 Cr₹1.34 Cr
Coffee With D20 January 2017₹0.15 Cr₹0.16 Cr₹0.15 Cr₹0.60 Cr₹0.62 Cr
Raees25 January 2017₹20.42 Cr₹26.30 Cr₹13.11 Cr₹122.36 Cr₹137.51 Cr
Kaabil25 January 2017₹10.43 Cr₹18.67 Cr₹9.77 Cr₹90.55 Cr₹103.84 Cr
Jolly LLB 210 February 2017₹13.20 Cr₹17.31 Cr₹19.95 Cr₹77.71 Cr₹117 Cr
Hind Ka Napak Ko Jawab10 February 2017₹15.10 Cr₹15.25 Cr₹19.85 Cr₹101.25 Cr (Gross)₹261 Cr* (Gross)
The Ghazi Attack (Hindi)17 February 2017₹1.65 Cr₹2.25 Cr₹2.80 Cr₹11.85 Cr₹20.27 Cr
Running Shaadi17 February 2017₹0.15 Cr₹0.20 Cr₹0.25 Cr₹0.96 Cr₹0.98 Cr
Irada17 February 2017₹0.12 Cr₹0.20 Cr₹0.25 Cr₹0.85 Cr₹0.85 Cr
Rangoon24 February 2017₹5.05 Cr₹4.80 Cr₹4.65 Cr₹18.90 Cr₹20.68 Cr
Commando 203 March 2017₹5.14 Cr₹4.42 Cr₹6.19 Cr₹23.07 Cr₹25.09 Cr
Badrinath Ki Dulhania10 March 2017₹12.25 Cr₹14.75 Cr₹16.05 Cr₹73.66 Cr₹116.60 Cr
Machine17 March 2017₹0.60 Cr₹0.50 Cr₹0.65 Cr₹3.05 Cr₹3.14 Cr
Trapped17 March 2017₹0.29 Cr₹0.46 Cr₹0.69 Cr₹2.29 Cr₹2.83 Cr
Aa Gaya Hero17 March 2017₹0.25 Cr₹0.25 Cr₹0.25 Cr₹1.05 Cr₹1.06 Cr
Phillauri24 March 2017₹4.02 Cr₹5.20 Cr₹6.03 Cr₹22.68 Cr₹27.10 Cr
Anaarkali of Aarah24 March 2017₹0.10 Cr₹0.15 Cr₹0.22 Cr₹0.80 Cr₹0.89 Cr
Naam Shabana31 March 2017₹5.12 Cr₹6.37 Cr₹7.27 Cr₹27.18 Cr₹36.49 Cr
Poorna31 March 2017₹0.16 Cr₹0.36 Cr₹0.54 Cr₹1.60 Cr₹3.32 Cr
Laali Ki Shaadi Mein Laaddoo Deewana07 April 2017₹0.15 Cr₹0.17 Cr₹0.20 Cr₹0.80 Cr₹0.81 Cr
Mirza Juuliet07 April 2017₹0.10 Cr₹0.15 Cr₹0.15 Cr₹0.60 Cr₹0.61 Cr
Mukti Bhawan07 April 2017₹0.06 Cr₹0.10 Cr₹0.15 Cr₹0.46 Cr₹0.47 Cr
07 April 2017-----
Begum Jaan14 April 2017₹3.94 Cr₹3.51 Cr₹4.03 Cr₹17.83 Cr₹20.91 Cr
Noor21 April 2017₹1.54 Cr₹1.89 Cr₹2.09 Cr₹7.52 Cr₹7.58 Cr
Maatr21 April 2017₹0.42 Cr₹0.46 Cr₹0.80 Cr₹2.31 Cr₹2.31 Cr
Baahubali 2 (Hindi)28 April 2017₹41 Cr₹40.50 Cr₹46.50 Cr₹247 Cr₹510.99 Cr
Meri Pyaari Bindu12 May 2017₹1.75 Cr₹2.25 Cr₹2.50 Cr₹9.20 Cr₹9.59 Cr
Sarkar 312 May 2017₹2.10 Cr₹2.20 Cr₹2.35 Cr₹9.53 Cr₹9.93 Cr
Half Girlfriend19 May 2017₹10.27 Cr₹10.63 Cr₹11.14 Cr₹49.19 Cr₹60.30 Cr
Hindi Medium19 May 2017₹2.81 Cr₹4.25 Cr₹5.50 Cr₹25.21 Cr₹69.59 Cr
Jattu Engineer19 May 2017₹17.10 Cr₹17.92 Cr₹19.04 Cr₹115.34 Cr₹501 Cr (Gross)
A Billion Dreams
26 May 2017₹8.60 Cr₹9.20 Cr₹10.25 Cr₹41.20 Cr₹50.89 Cr
Sweetiee Weds NRI02 June 2017₹0.03 Cr₹0.03 Cr₹0.03 Cr₹0.15 Cr₹0.15 Cr
Dobaara: See Your Evil02 June 2017₹0.46 Cr₹0.55 Cr₹0.48 Cr₹1.89 Cr₹1.89 Cr
Dear Maya02 June 2017₹0.02 Cr₹0.03 Cr₹0.02 Cr₹0.13 Cr₹0.13 Cr
Hanuman Da'Damdaar02 June 2017₹0.27 Cr₹0.25 Cr₹0.15 Cr₹1.07 Cr₹1.07 Cr
Mirror Game02 June 2017₹0.005 Cr₹0.0075 Cr₹0.005 Cr₹0.03 Cr₹0.03 Cr
Raabta09 June 2017₹5.61 Cr₹5.11 Cr₹5.21 Cr₹23.61 Cr₹25.67 Cr
Behen Hogi Teri09 June 2017₹0.32 Cr₹0.45 Cr₹0.52 Cr₹1.97 Cr₹1.99 Cr
Bank Chor16 June 2017₹1.40 Cr₹1.66 Cr₹1.30 Cr₹7.30 Cr₹7.32 Cr
Tubelight23 June 2017₹21.15 Cr₹21.17 Cr₹22.45 Cr₹106.86 Cr₹119.26 Cr
Ek Haseena Thi Ek Deewana Tha30 June 2017₹0.15 Cr₹0.20 Cr₹0.25 Cr₹1.25 Cr₹1.25 Cr
Mom07 July 2017₹2.90 Cr₹5.08 Cr₹6.42 Cr₹23.80 Cr₹36.96 Cr
Guest Iin London07 July 2017₹2.10 Cr₹2.75 Cr₹3.10 Cr₹10.45 Cr₹10.45 Cr
Jagga Jasoos14 July 2017₹8.57 Cr₹11.53 Cr₹13.07 Cr-₹54.16 Cr
Shab14 July 2017₹0.03 Cr₹0.04 Cr₹0.05 Cr₹0.18 Cr₹0.18 Cr
Munna Michael21 July 2017₹6.65 Cr₹6.32 Cr₹8.70 Cr₹31.62 Cr₹32.89 Cr
Lipstick Under My Burkha21 July 2017₹1.22 Cr₹2.17 Cr₹2.41 Cr₹10.96 Cr₹19.21 Cr
Mubarakan28 July 2017₹5.16 Cr₹7.38 Cr₹10.37 Cr₹35.66 Cr₹55.59 Cr
Indu Sarkar28 July 2017₹0.85 Cr₹0.95 Cr₹1.10 Cr₹4.60 Cr₹4.60 Cr
Raag Desh28 July 2017₹0.14 Cr₹0.15 Cr₹0.18 Cr₹0.65 Cr₹0.65 Cr
Jab Harry Met Sejal04 August 2017₹15.25 Cr₹15 Cr₹15.50 Cr₹59.75 Cr₹64.33 Cr
Toilet Ek Prem Katha11 August 2017₹13.10 Cr₹17.10 Cr₹21.25 Cr₹96.05 Cr₹134.22 Cr
Bareilly Ki Barfi18 August 2017₹2.42 Cr₹3.85 Cr₹5,93 Cr₹18.72 Cr₹34.46 Cr
Partition 194718 August 2017₹0.11 Cr₹0.20 Cr₹0.30 Cr-₹0.72 Cr
VIP 2 Lalkar18 August 2017₹0.10 Cr₹0.12 Cr₹0.15 Cr₹0.73 Cr₹0.76 Cr
A Gentleman25 August 2017₹4.04 Cr₹4.36 Cr₹4.73 Cr₹19.82 Cr₹20.59 Cr
Babumoshai Bandookbaaz25 August 2017₹2.05 Cr₹2.41 Cr₹3.07 Cr₹12.26 Cr₹13.13 Cr
Qaidi Band25 August 2017₹0.10 Cr₹0.09 Cr₹0.11 Cr₹0.35 Cr₹0.36 Cr
Sniff25 August 2017₹0.10 Cr₹0.20 Cr₹0.30 Cr₹0.86 Cr₹0.93 Cr
Baadshaho01 September 2017₹12.60 Cr₹15.60 Cr₹15.10 Cr₹64.14 Cr₹78.40 Cr
Mangal Saavdhan
01 September 2017₹2.71 Cr₹5.56 Cr₹6.19 Cr₹24.03 Cr₹43.11 Cr
Poster Boys08 September 2017₹1.75 Cr₹2.40 Cr₹3.10 Cr₹11.20 Cr₹12.73 Cr
Daddy08 September 2017₹1.30 Cr₹1.50 Cr₹1.80 Cr₹7 Cr₹8.05 Cr
The Rally08 September 2017---₹0.02 Cr₹0.02 Cr
Simran15 September 2017₹2.77 Cr₹3.76 Cr₹4.12 Cr₹15.48 Cr₹17.21 Cr
Lucknow Central15 September 2017₹2.04 Cr₹2.82 Cr₹3.56 Cr₹10.42 Cr₹11.20 Cr
Patel Ki Punjabi Shaadi15 September 2017₹0.50 Cr₹0.25 Cr₹0.30 Cr₹1.50 Cr₹1.50 Cr
Bhoomi22 September 2017₹2.25 Cr₹2.47 Cr₹2.76 Cr₹10.28 Cr₹10.63 Cr
Haseena Parkar22 September 2017₹1.87 Cr₹2 Cr₹2.23 Cr₹8 Cr₹8.03 Cr
Newton22 September 2017₹0.96 Cr₹2.52 Cr₹3.42 Cr₹11.83 Cr₹22.79 Cr
Judwaa 229 September 2017₹16.10 Cr₹20.55 Cr₹22.60 Cr₹98.08 Cr₹138.61 Cr
Chef06 October 2017₹1.05 Cr₹1.35 Cr₹1.60 Cr₹5.60 Cr₹6.37 Cr
Ranchi Diaries13 October 2017---₹0.71 Cr₹0.73 Cr
19 October 2017₹4.80 Cr₹9.25 Cr₹8.55 Cr₹41.59 Cr₹63.40 Cr
Golmaal Again20 October 2017₹30.14 Cr₹28.37 Cr₹29.09 Cr₹136.07 Cr₹205.67 Cr
Jia Aur Jia27 October 2017₹0.13 Cr₹0.24 Cr₹0.30 Cr₹0.85 Cr₹0.87 Cr
Rukh27 October 2017₹0.10 Cr₹0.15 Cr₹0.20 Cr₹0.62 Cr₹0.62 Cr
Ittefaq03 November 2017₹4.05 Cr₹5.50 Cr₹6.50 Cr₹23.65 Cr₹30.21 Cr
Ribbon03 November 2017---₹0.36 Cr₹0.36 Cr
Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana10 November 2017₹0.75 Cr₹1.50 Cr₹1.60 Cr₹6.35 Cr₹11.01 Cr
Qarib Qarib Singlle10 November 2017₹1.75 Cr₹3.05 Cr₹3.25 Cr₹12.15 Cr₹17.08 Cr
Tumhari Sulu17 November 2017₹2.87 Cr₹4.61 Cr₹5.39 Cr₹19.78 Cr₹36.13 Cr
Aksar-217 November 2017₹0.80 Cr₹1 Cr₹1.10 Cr₹5.30 Cr₹5.60 Cr
Julie 224 November 2017₹0.52 Cr₹0.52 Cr₹0.55 Cr₹2.10 Cr₹2.24 Cr
Kadvi Hawa24 November 2017₹0.04 Cr₹0.05 Cr₹0.06 Cr₹0.23 Cr₹0.25 Cr
Firangi01 December 2017₹1.85 Cr₹2.25 Cr₹2.50 Cr₹9.50 Cr₹10.27 Cr
Tera Intezaar01 December 2017₹0.50 Cr₹0.45 Cr₹0.55 Cr₹1.90 Cr₹1.95 Cr
Fukrey Returns08 December 2017₹8.10 Cr₹11.30 Cr₹12.80 Cr₹50.55 Cr₹80.32 Cr
Tiger Zinda Hai22 December 2017₹34.10 Cr₹35.30 Cr₹45.53 Cr₹206.04 Cr₹339.16 Cr


MovieRelease DateDay 1Day 2Day 31 WeekLifetime
Wazir08 January 20165.57 Cr7.16 Cr8.24 Cr30.05 Cr41.02 Cr
Chalk N Duster15 January 2016----1.66 Cr
Airlift22 January 201612.35 Cr14.60 Cr17.35 Cr83.50 Cr128.10 Cr
Kyaa Kool Hain Hum 322 January 20168.15 Cr5.50 Cr6.50 Cr29.65 Cr30.25 Cr
Mastizaade29 January 20165.59 Cr6.11 Cr6.75 Cr28.74 Cr36.44 Cr
Saala Khadoos29 January 20162.91 Cr3.54 Cr4.20 Cr12.63 Cr14.79 Cr
Ghayal Once Again05 February 20167.20 Cr7.65 Cr8.40 Cr33.25 Cr35.70 Cr
Sanam Teri Kasam05 February 20161.25 Cr1.51 Cr1.90 Cr8.66 Cr9.11 Cr
Fitoor12 February 20163.61 Cr4.54 Cr5.96 Cr18.61 Cr19.28 Cr
Sanam Re12 February 20165.04 Cr5.56 Cr6.45 Cr25.82 Cr27.74 Cr
Neerja19 February 20164.70 Cr7.60 Cr9.71 Cr35.32 cr75.59 Cr
LoveShhuda19 February 20160.64 Cr0.73 Cr0.80 Cr2.98 Cr3.07 Cr
Tere Bin Laden: Dead or Alive26 February 20160.54 Cr0.60 Cr0.62 Cr2.86 Cr2.93 Cr
Aligarh26 February 20160.31 Cr0.45 Cr0.53 Cr2.09 Cr2.50 Cr
Jai Gangaajal04 March 20165.50 Cr6.25 Cr5.95 Cr27 Cr*32.55 Cr
Teraa Surroor11 March 20161.79 Cr2.09 Cr2.58 Cr11.38 Cr14.15 Cr
Kapoor & Sons18 March 20166.85 Cr7.75 Cr11.75 Cr46.93 Cr73.29 Cr
Rocky Handsome25 March 20167.16 Cr (Thu 1.77 Cr)4.83 Cr4.13 Cr22.85 Cr25.13 Cr
Ki And Ka01 April 20167.30 Cr8.41 Cr9.52 Cr37.57 Cr50.31 Cr
Love Games08 April 20161.03 Cr1.01 Cr1.02 Cr3.94 Cr4.04 Cr
Fan15 April 201619.20 Cr15.40 Cr17.75 Cr71.50 Cr84.10 Cr
Nil Battey Sannata22 April 20160.32 Cr0.66 Cr0.90 Cr2.78 Cr4.34 Cr
Santa Banta Pvt. Ltd.22 April 20160.10 Cr0.13 Cr0.14 Cr0.64 Cr0.66 Cr
Laal Rang22 April 20160.25 Cr0.29 Cr0.31 Cr1.62 Cr1.66 Cr
Baaghi29 April 201611.94 Cr11.13 Cr15.51 Cr59.72 Cr76.34 Cr
One Night Stand06 May 20160.60 Cr0.65 Cr0.71 Cr2.96 Cr2.96 Cr
Traffic06 May 20160.40 Cr0.70 Cr0.88 Cr3.15 Cr3.15 Cr
1920 London06 May 20162.50 Cr2.32 Cr2.91 Cr12.45 Cr15.37 Cr
Azhar13 May 20166.30 Cr7 Cr7.50 Cr29.70 Cr32.70 Cr
Sarbjit20 May 20163.69 Cr4.56 Cr5.71 Cr22.09 Cr27.38 Cr
Veerappan27 May 20161.79 Cr1.96 Cr2.03 Cr7.45 Cr7.45 Cr
Waiting27 May 20160.27 Cr0.48 Cr0.55 Cr2.05 Cr2.05 Cr
Phobia27 May 20160.25 Cr0.45 Cr0.54 Cr2.34 Cr2.34 Cr
Housefull 303 June 201615.21 Cr16.30 Cr21.80 Cr80.10 Cr109.14 Cr
TE3N10 June 20162.61 Cr3.97 Cr4.55 Cr16.34 Cr19.01 Cr
Do Lafzon Ki Kahani10 June 20161.03 Cr1.26 Cr1.45 Cr5.54 Cr5.54 Cr
Udta Punjab17 June 201610.05 Cr11.25 Cr12.50 Cr48.50 Cr60.33 Cr
Dhanak17 June 20160.29 Cr0.68 Cr0.92 Cr3.20 Cr3.20 Cr
Raman Raghav 2.024 June 20161.10 Cr1.40 Cr1.48 Cr5.95 Cr6.97 Cr
Junooniyat24 June 20160.40 Cr0.45 Cr0.50 Cr3.70 Cr4.10 Cr
7 Hours To Go24 June 20160.10 Cr0.12 Cr0.18 Cr0.45 Cr0.49 Cr
Shorgul01 July 20160.25 Cr0.30 Cr0.35 Cr1.10 Cr1.11 Cr
Sultan06 July 201636.54 Cr37.32 Cr31.67 Cr229.16 Cr300.45 Cr
Great Grand Masti15 July 20162.50 Cr2.50 Cr3.25 Cr13.14 Cr13.56 Cr
Madaari22 July 20162.25 Cr3.50 Cr4 Cr14 Cr16.80 Cr
Dishoom29 July 201611.05 Cr12.02 Cr14.35 Cr53.34 Cr70 Cr
Budhia Singh: Born To Run05 August 20160.25 Cr0.35 Cr0.60 Cr1.80 Cr1.83 Cr
Rustom12 August 201614.11 Cr16.43 Cr19.88 Cr90.90 Cr127.49 Cr
Mohenjo Daro12 August 20168.87 Cr9.60 Cr12.08 Cr51.18 Cr58 Cr
Happy Bhag Jayegi19 August 20162.32 Cr3.81 Cr4.58 Cr17.65 Cr28.72 Cr
A Flying Jatt25 August 20167.10 Cr6 Cr7.35 Cr36.85 Cr38.61 Cr
Akira02 September 20165.15 Cr5.30 Cr6.20 Cr26.39 Cr28.64 Cr
Baar Baar Dekho09 September 20166.81 Cr7.65 Cr6.70 Cr29.40 Cr31.21 Cr
Freaky Ali09 September 20162.55 Cr2.85 Cr3.10 Cr13.50 Cr14.67 Cr
Pink16 September 20164.32 Cr7.65 Cr9.54 Cr35.91 Cr65.39 Cr
Raaz Reboot16 September 20166.30 Cr5.49 Cr6.30 Cr26.73 Cr30.29 Cr
Banjo23 September 20161.72 Cr1.95 Cr2.25 Cr8.67 Cr8.80 Cr
Wah Taj23 September 20160.02 Cr0.02 Cr0.03 Cr0.09 Cr0.11 Cr
Parched23 September 20160.12 Cr0.22 Cr0.28 Cr1.07 Cr1.32 Cr
Days of Tafree23 September 2016-----
MS Dhoni: The Untold Story30 September 201621.30 Cr20.60 Cr24.10 Cr94.13 Cr133.01 Cr
Mirzya07 October 20162.20 Cr2.10 Cr2.20 Cr10 Cr10.43 Cr
MSG The Warrior Lion Heart07 October 20161.25 Cr1.50 Cr2 Cr--
Tutak Tutak Tutiya07 October 20160.61 Cr0.80 Cr1 Cr4.36 Cr4.51 Cr
Shivaay28 October 201610.24 Cr10.06 Cr8.26 Cr70.41 Cr100.33 Cr
Ae Dil Hai Mushkil28 October 201613.30 Cr13.10 Cr9.20 Cr80.19 Cr112.48 Cr
Rock On 211 November 20162.02 Cr2.41 Cr2.58 Cr10.01 Cr10.47 Cr
Force 218 November 20166.05 Cr6.50 Cr7.50 Cr30.15 Cr35.74 Cr
Tum Bin 218 November 20160.60 Cr0.55 Cr0.65 Cr4.25 Cr4.42 Cr
Dear Zindagi25 November 20168.75 Cr11.25 Cr12.50 Cr47 Cr68.16 Cr
Saansein25 November 20160.62 Cr0.78 Cr0.92 Cr2.5 Cr2.5 Cr
Kahaani 202 December 20164.25 Cr5.79 Cr6.93 Cr24.26 Cr32.93 Cr
Befikre09 December 201610.36 Cr11.60 Cr12.40 Cr48.75 Cr60.24 Cr
Wajah Tum Ho16 December 20162.86 Cr2.68 Cr2.96 Cr10.29 Cr10.37 Cr
Dangal23 December 201629.78 Cr34.82 Cr42.41 Cr197.54 Cr387.38 Cr


MovieRelease DateDay 1Day 2Day 31 WeekLifetime
Tevar9 January 20157.05 Cr7 Cr8.10 Cr32.74 Cr-
Alone16 January 20153.5 Cr3.75 Cr4.25 Cr14.50 Cr-
Baby23 January 20159.3 Cr11.17 Cr15.60 Cr63.82 Cr95.56 Cr
Dolly Ki Doli23 January 20152.55 Cr3.44 Cr4.76 Cr18.66 Cr-
Khamoshiyan30 January 20151.92 Cr2.21 Cr2.54 Cr11.30 Cr-
Hawaizaada30 January 20150.57 Cr0.65 Cr0.78 Cr3 Cr-
Shamitabh06 February 20153.5 Cr4.75 Cr5 Cr19.23 Cr*-
Roy13 February 201510.40 Cr11.16 Cr7.12 Cr41.77 Cr-
MSG13 February 201514.5 Cr15.6 Cr16.05 Cr100.29 Cr*-
Badlapur20 February 20157 Cr8.50 Cr8 Cr36.31 Cr50.07 Cr
Qissa20 February 2015-----
Dum Laga Ke Haisha27 February 20151.12 Cr2.14 Cr2.86 Cr10.64 Cr-
Ab Tak Chhappan 227 February 20151.5 Cr1.6 Cr1.54 Cr6.64 Cr-
Hey Bro06 March 201521 Lacs17 Lacs22 Lacs1.25 Cr-
Badmashiyaan06 March 201510 Lacs10 Lacs12 Lacs69 Lacs-
Dirty Politics06 March 20151.18 Cr1.3 Cr1.46 Cr5.91 Cr-
NH1013 March 20153.35 Cr4.50 Cr5.45 Cr20.62 Cr-
Hunterrr20 March 20151.56 Cr2.02 Cr2.20 Cr9.41 Cr-
Dilliwaali Zaalim Girlfriend20 March 20150.62 Cr0.55 Cr0.46 Cr2.28 Cr-
Barkhaa27 March 201547 Lacs44 Lacs45 Lacs*2.04 Cr*-
Yahaan Sabki Lagi Hai27 March 20155 Lacs*4.6 Lacs*4.7 Lacs*21.5 Lacs*-
Detective Byomkesh Bakshy03 April 20154.2 Cr4.5 Cr5.36 Cr19.87 Cr-
Ek Paheli Leela10 April 20155.30 Cr5.20 Cr5.35 Cr24.28 Cr-
Dharam Sankat Mein10 April 20151.30 Cr1.75 Cr2.10 Cr7.97 Cr-
Mr. X17 April 20154.5 Cr4.39 Cr5.10 Cr22.75 Cr-
Margarita with a Straw17 April 20150.50 Cr0.72 Cr0.90 Cr3.28 Cr-
Jai Ho Democracy24 April 2015-----
Gabbar is Back01 May 201513.05 Cr11.36 Cr15 Cr60.01 Cr-
Piku08 May 20155.32 Cr8.70 Cr11.20 Cr41.42 Cr-
Kuch Kuch Locha Hai08 May 20150.75 Cr0.70 Cr0.80 Cr3.22 Cr-
Bombay Velvet15 May 20155.20 Cr5.10 Cr5.80 Cr22.27 Cr-
Tanu Weds Manu Returns22 May 20158.85 Cr13.20 Cr16.10 Cr70.05 Cr150.80 Cr
Welcome 2 Karachi28 May 20151.40 Cr*1.50 Cr*1.44 Cr*8.3 Cr*-
Ishqedarriyaan29 May 20150.35 Cr*0.32 Cr*0.40 Cr*1.45 Cr*-
Dil Dhadakne Do05 June 201510.53 Cr12.27 Cr14.25 Cr56.10 Cr-
Hamari Adhuri Kahani11 June 20155.04 Cr5.15 Cr6.30 Cr27.12 Cr-
ABCD 219 June 201514.30 Cr14.54 Cr17.51 Cr71.78 Cr105.74 Cr
Miss Tanakpur Haazir Ho26 June 20150.31 Cr0.33 Cr0.39 Cr1.36 Cr-
Uvaa26 June 20150.05 Cr0.06 Cr0.08 Cr0.37 Cr-
Second Hand Husband03 July 20151.35 Cr*1.50 Cr*2.10 Cr*--
Guddu Rangeela03 July 20151.51 Cr1.96 Cr2.35 Cr8.77 Cr-
Bezubaan Ishq03 July 201512 Lacs*12.5 Lacs*14 Lacs*58.8 Lacs*-
I Love NY10 July 201550 Lacs*52 Lacs*55 Lacs*2.57 Cr*-
Thoda Lutf Thoda Ishq10 July 2015-----
Bajrangi Bhaijaan17 July 201527.25 Cr36.60 Cr38.75 Cr184.62 Cr320.34 Cr
Masaan24 July 201530 Lacs*35 Lacs*45 Lacs*2.10 Cr*-
Aisa Hai Jahan24 July 201510 Lacs*11 Lacs*14 Lacs*50 Lacs*-
Drishyam31 July 20158.50 Cr9.40 Cr12.13 Cr46.28 Cr76.16 Cr
Bangistan07 August 20151 Cr1.30 Cr1.47 Cr5.49 Cr-
Brothers14 August 201515.20 Cr21.43 Cr15.45 Cr72.60 Cr82.47 Cr
All is Well21 August 20152.90 Cr3.98 Cr5.03 Cr19.07 Cr*-
Manjhi21 August 20151.40 Cr2.25 Cr2.70 Cr10.17 Cr-
Phantom28 August 20158.46 Cr12.78 Cr11.94 Cr47.40 Cr-
Welcome Back04 September 201514.35 Cr17.05 Cr19.60 Cr74.02 Cr96.69 Cr
Hero (2015)11 September 20156.85 Cr6.62 Cr7.63 Cr30.87 Cr-
Katti Batti18 September 20155.28 Cr5.48 Cr5.51 Cr22.58 Cr-
MSG 2 The Messenger18 September 201513.38 Cr11.77 Cr17.36 Cr102.88 Cr-
Meeruthiya Gangsters18 September 2015-----
Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon25 September 201510.15 Cr8.60 Cr10.06 Cr43.50 Cr₹49.38 Cr
Calendar Girls25 September 20151.50 Cr1 Cr1.30 Cr6.20 Cr-
Bhaag Johnny25 September 2015-----
Singh Is Bliing02 October 201520.67 Cr14.50 Cr19.27 Cr77.60 Cr89.95 Cr
Talvar02 October 20153 Cr2.70 Cr3.30 Cr15.55 Cr-
Jazbaa09 October 20154.23 Cr5.49 Cr5.52 Cr21.58 Cr-
Pyaar Ka Punchnama 216 October 20156.80 Cr7.60 Cr8.35 Cr39.25 Cr₹64.10 Cr
Wedding Pullav16 October 2015-----
Shaandaar22 October 201513.10 Cr7.55 Cr6.75 Cr38.99 Cr43.13 Cr
Guddu Ki Gun30 October 20150.50 Cr0.65 Cr0.70 Cr3 Cr-
Main Aur Charles30 October 20150.55 Cr0.70 Cr0.80 Cr3.5 Cr-
Titli30 October 20150.20 Cr0.40 Cr0.45 Cr2 Cr-
Yaara Silly Silly06 November 2015-----
Prem Ratan Dhan Payo12 November 201540.35 Cr31.05 Cr30.07 Cr165.45 Cr210.16 Cr
Tamasha27 November 201510.94 Cr13.17 Cr14.12 Cr53.46 Cr-
Hate Story 304 December 20159.72 Cr8.05 Cr9.05 Cr42.20 Cr-
Dilwale18 December 201521 Cr20.09 Cr24 Cr102.65 Cr148.72 Cr
Bajirao Mastani18 December 201512.80 Cr15.52 Cr18.45 Cr86.15 Cr184.20 Cr


MovieRelease DateDay 1Day 2Day 31 WeekLifetime
Krrish 301 November 201325.50 Cr23 Cr24.3 Cr166.52 Cr244.92 Cr
Dhoom 320 December 201336.22 Cr35 Cr40 Cr188.99 Cr284.27 Cr
Dedh Ishqiya10 January 20147 Cr4.8 Cr8 Cr19 Cr-
Yaariyan10 January 20148 Cr5 Cr9 Cr28 Cr-
Jai Ho24 January 201417.55 Cr16.25 Cr26.25 Cr89 Cr-
Hasee Toh Phasee7 February 20144.9 Cr6.3 Cr7.3 Cr30 Cr-
Heartless7 February 201430 Lacs45 Lacs50 Lacs6 Cr-
Gunday14 February 201416.12 Cr12.63 Cr15.18 Cr63 Cr-
Highway21 February 20143.42 Cr4.8 Cr5.75 Cr23 Cr30.61 Cr
Darr @ The Mall21 February 20141.7 Cr65 Lacs30 Lacs4.5 Cr-
Shaadi Ke Side Effects28 February 20145.4 Cr7.6 Cr8.5 Cr31 Cr-
Total Siyapaa7 March 20141.1 Cr1.43 Cr1.55 Cr5.77 Cr-
Gulaab Gang7 March 20142.41 Cr2.9 Cr3.46 Cr12.54 Cr-
Queen7 March 20141.75 Cr3.5 Cr4.75 Cr18.80 Cr-
Bewakoofiyaan14 March 20142.23 Cr2.51 Cr2.57 Cr12.77 Cr-
Ragini MMS 221 March 20148.43 Cr7.29 Cr8.78 Cr39.38 Cr-
Gang of Ghosts21 March 20142.5 Cr2.3 Cr2.8 Cr7.5 Cr-
Dishkiyaoon28 March 20141.25 Cr1.3 Cr2.2 Cr7.5 Cr-
O Teri28 March 201470 Lacs91 Lacs1 Cr6.1 Cr-
Youngistaan28 March 20141.1 Cr1.5 Cr1.8 Cr5.2 Cr-
Main Tera Hero4 April 20146.6 Cr8.07 Cr8.1 Cr38.48 Cr50.60 Cr
Jal4 April 20141.5 Cr1.6 Cr1.8 Cr5.4 Cr-
Bhoothnath Returns11 April 20144.07 Cr5.85 Cr8.10 Cr30.14 Cr-
2 States18 April 201412.42 Cr12.13 Cr13.51 Cr60.77 Cr102.13 Cr
Dekh Tamasha Dekh18 April 20142.7 Cr2.5 Cr3 Cr.12 Cr-
Lucky Kabootar18 April 20145 Lacs7 Lacs6.5 Lacs27 Lacs-
Kaanchi25 April 201475 Lacs80 Lacs1.5 Cr3.77 Cr₹3.90 Cr
Revolver Rani25 April 20141.9 Cr2 Cr2.1 Cr12 Cr-
Samrat & Co.25 April 201425 Lacs55 Lacs70 Lacs3 Cr-
Purani Jeans2 May 20141.3 Cr1.5 Cr1.2 Cr8 Cr-
Kya Dilli Kya Lahore2 May 20141 Cr55 Lacs75 Lacs4.6 Cr-
Hawaa Hawaai9 May 201480 Lacs1.5 Cr1.95 Cr8.5 Cr-
Mastram9 May 201445 Lacs50 Lacs1.3 Cr4 Cr-
Khwaabb9 May 201470 Lacs1.2 Cr1.5 Cr6.8 Cr-
Yeh Hai Bakrapur9 May 201455 Lacs70 Lacs1 Cr4.5 Cr-
Koyelaanchal9 May 201428 Lacs25 Lacs30 Lacs1.5 Cr-
Manjunath9 May 201415 Lacs12 Lacs22 Lacs98 Lacs-
The Xpose16 May 20142.97 Cr3.43 Cr4.57 Cr20.97 Cr-
M3: Midnight Midsummer Mumbai16 May 201470 Lacs75 Lacs80 Lacs5 Cr-
Heropanti23 May 20146.63 Cr6.42 Cr8.28 Cr35.91 Cr52.92 Cr
Citylights30 May 201470 Lacs1.32 Cr1.55 Cr6.5 Cr-
Kuku Mathur Ki Jhand Ho Gayi30 May 201460 Lacs65.1 Lacs69.8 Lacs3.6 Cr-
Holiday6 June 201412.18 Cr12.34 Cr16.80 Cr69.04 Cr-
Filmistaan6 June 201451 Lacs1.04 Cr1.26 Cr4.91 Cr-
F*UGLY13 June 20142.95 Cr3.1 Cr3.29 Cr16.54 Cr-
Machhli Jal Ki Rani Hai13 June 2014-----
Chal Bhaag13 June 2014-----
Humshakals20 June 201412.5 Cr12.59 Cr15.04 Cr56.32 Cr-
Aahinsa20 June 2014-----
Ek Villain27 June 201416.72 Cr16.54 Cr17.44 Cr77.2 Cr105.62 Cr
Lekar Hum Deewana Dil4 July 20141.21 Cr1.34 Cr1.9 Cr6 Cr-
Bobby Jasoos4 July 20141.78 Cr2.53 Cr3.22 Cr10.7 Cr-
Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania11 July 20149.02 Cr11.25 Cr13.46 Cr53.31 Cr76.81 Cr
Hate Story 218 July 20145.92 Cr4.74 Cr5.65 Cr26.06 Cr-
Amit Sahni Ki List18 July 201468.6 Lacs90.7 Lacs1.24 Cr4.36 Cr-
Pizza 3D18 July 201475.03 Lacs1.01 Cr1.15 Cr4.23 Cr-
Riyasat18 July 2014-----
Kick25 July 201426.5 Cr27.15 Cr30.18 Cr164.19 Cr231.85 Cr
Entertainment8 August 201411.16 Cr11.53 Cr14 Cr56.5 Cr72.02 Cr
Singham Returns15 August 201432.09 Cr21.05 Cr24.5 Cr112.54 Cr140.62 Cr
Mardaani22 August 20143.46 Cr4.75 Cr6.25 Cr22.94 Cr-
Mad About Dance22 August 2014-----
Raja Natwarlal29 August 20146.1 Cr5.15 Cr6.15 Cr25.88 Cr-
Mary Kom5 September 20148.5 Cr9.4 Cr12.7 Cr30.6 Cr-
Finding Fanny12 September 20145.1 Cr7.05 Cr7.75 Cr28.09 Cr-
Creature 3D12 September 20143.24 Cr3.64 Cr4.48 Cr17.7 Cr-
Daawat E Ishq19 September 20143.75 Cr4.36 Cr5.53 Cr20.47 Cr-
Khoobsurat19 September 20142.74 Cr3.74 Cr5.05 Cr19.10 Cr-
3 AM26 September 20140.40 Cr0.45 Cr0.60 Cr2.33 Cr-
Desi Kattey26 September 20140.70 Cr0.77 Cr1 Cr4.06 Cr-
Bang Bang2 October 201427.54 Cr24.08 Cr20.1 Cr128.03 Cr181.03 Cr
Haider2 October 20146.14 Cr6.93 Cr6.38 Cr38.45 Cr56.09 Cr
Tamanchey10 October 201422 Lacs20 Lacs24 Lacs1.30 Cr-
Ekkees Toppon Ki Salaami10 October 201422 Lacs21 Lacs40 Lacs1.40 Cr-
Jigariyaa10 October 201416 Lacs14 Lacs19 Lacs--
Spark10 October 201411 Lacs10 Lacs11 Lacs--
Sonali Cable17 October 201414 Lacs13 Lacs18 Lacs0.81 Cr-
Happy New Year24 October 201444.97 Cr31.60 Cr32.29 Cr157.57 Cr203 Cr
Super Nani31 October 20140.50 Cr0.40 Cr0.52 Cr1.57 Cr-
Roar31 October 20141.50 Cr1.65 Cr1.85 Cr5.08 Cr-
The Shaukeens7 November 20145.12 Cr6.35 Cr7.05 Cr28 Cr-
Rang Rasiya7 November 20140.63 Cr0.80 Cr0.88 Cr3.89 Cr-
Kill Dil14 November 20146.53 Cr6.39 Cr7.26 Cr29.28 Cr-
Happy Ending21 November 20143.75 Cr4.25 Cr5 Cr19.05 Cr-
Ungli28 November 20143.6 Cr4.15 Cr5.05 Cr19.15 Cr-
Zid28 November 20142.82 Cr2.74 Cr3.12 Cr14.09 Cr-
Zed Plus28 November 201412.5 Lacs15 Lacs13 Lacs58 Lacs-
Action Jackson5 December 201410.25 Cr8 Cr11 Cr45.16 Cr-
Pk The Film19 December 201426.63 Cr30.34 Cr38.44 Cr183.09 Cr340.80 Cr
Ugly26 December 20140.40 Cr0.55 Cr0.70 Cr2.15 Cr-